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IMA Youth Wing to host Islam is Green
October 19, 2016, 3:40 pm

On the occasion of completion of 10 years, Indian Muslim Association Youth Wing, in association with Masjid Al Kabeer and Ministry of Awkaf, has launched a momentous campaign against the Wastage of Natural Resources. This campaign is meant to help create awareness for preserving of these natural resources.

The campaign is being operated under the theme Fastabiqul Khairat (Race each other in doing good deeds) and is aimed at curbing the negligent and extravagant usage of Kuwait’s resources by its residents.

Within this campaign IMA YouthWing is hosting another major event called ‘Islam is Green’. Here, IMA YW will be planting around 1000 saplings in Farwaniya and other areas. Around 250 volunteers and guests are expected to attend the event.

Those interested can attend the event on 21 October at Omariya Garden after prayer. For more information: Visit or call, 97124000

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