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IMA Youth Wing organizes Cricket Tournament
November 19, 2015, 1:59 pm

IMA Youth Wing organized the Grand Cricket Tournament on 13 November, at Khaitan and Fahaheel, with both event running simultaneously and the Final match is to be held on 20 November 2015. The final match will be played between Kharafi National and KCEC who have beaten all other teams to qualify for the finals.

The event commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran by Br. Tayyab bawazeer. Asad Khan, General Manager Kuwait Swedish Co. was the chief guest on the occasion. In his short speech, he spoke about the importance of sports and how it is a means to develop peace of mind, brotherhood and respect. He congratulated and wished all the teams Good luck.

A short welcome speech was given by Abdus Salam, IPC Dayeeh; In his brief talk he described how in Islam, Sports are perceived as an important means to gain a healthy body and mind. Sports like swimming, archery, running and horse riding are especially encouraged in the Hadith. He further noted that if the aim is leisure and maintaining good health, then sports is permissible. If it involves acts such as missing prayers, forgetting our responsibilities towards family and having aggressive feelings towards opponent and so on, then it is prohibited in Islam.

The total of 16 teams and a large crowd of cricket enthusiasts participated in the tournament. The matches were played in 4 grounds. 

Some of the finest teams from Kuwait participated in the tournament such as KCEC, ATC Kuwait KMWA and Salmiya Friends and made the event a great success. Be there on the 20th November to witness the grand finale and cheer for your favorite team.

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