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IMA Youth Wing organized a Youth Day Out for Youth
November 25, 2014, 12:02 pm

IMA Youth Wing organized a Youth Day Out at a chalet in the desert at Khuwaisat on 21 November 2014, which was aimed to educate and entertain the youth. More than 250 youth from different parts of Kuwait participated in the event. IMA Youth Wing president, Mr. Rizwan Ahmed introduced IMA Youth Wing activities to the attendees and emphasized on the importance of youth.

The event was made fun filled with various sports and games such as Football, Volley Ball, Cricket, Tug of War and other One Minute games. Apart from sports and games, the participants enjoyed the grandeur of the desert and beach. On and off drizzling added flavor to the enjoyment. Games and sports started immediately after breakfast and continued till noon.

Friday prayers were offered at a nearby Mosque followed by a speech by a visiting scholar, Mr. Nusrath Ali, who spoke on the topic “Islam the way to Happiness”. While speaking on the occasion he said that real happiness comes from knowing the purpose of life and following the guidance of our creator. After the prayer and lunch break, sports and games session resumed with one minute games. The youth participated in games with great zeal.

Prizes were distributed to the winners who took part in sports and games. A Samsung mobile phone & two watches were given away as prizes for the raffle draw. The program was concluded with the prize distribution ceremony.

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