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IMA- Summer Islamic Classes go on outdoor picnic
July 18, 2018, 1:47 pm

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Salmiya unit commenced Summer Islamic Classes (SIC) right after Eid-ul-Fitr and received an overwhelming response with the total students enrolled reaching  225. Several students comprising of both boys and girls from different age groups and nationalities attend the classes to learn Islamic education during the ongoing summer vacations.

Parents from all over Kuwait have shown great interest in enrolling their children in SIC. Students travel four times a week to the Indian Community School (ICSK) Junior Branch in Salmiya to attend the SIC. The classes are conducted right after asar time up to magrib time.  SIC renders Islamic education and imparts training in other fields such as personality development, art and crafts, home sciences, physical development through games and activities, and outdoor trips.

Last Saturday, SIC arranged and organized a picnic for the students to visit Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre located at Maidan Hawally near Al Shaab Leisure Park.  The center is a cultural complex in Kuwait owned by the Diwan Amiri, and consists of museums, fine arts center, theatre, and public spaces that include outdoor exhibits, as well as cafes and restaurants. The cultural district is a celebration of the scientific and cultural achievements of mankind and the scale.

Most of the students out of the total SIC strength attended the picnic with full enthusiasm and excitement. Students were grouped into several groups depending upon their age and class. Each group was accompanied by a couple of teachers and IMA volunteers to ensure their safety and security. Older boys and girls were in a completely separate group.

At the cultural center, the students visited the Space Museum, Science & Technology Museum, Natural History Museum, Arabic Islamic Science Museum and Fine Arts Centre. SIC teachers along with a few volunteers on duty at the centers took the initiative to explain to the students about the various scientific facts, the human body, solar system, space and planets circulation, robotic technology, protohistory on automobiles, natural history and astronauts and rockets space travels.

Certainly, the students of lower age groups and classes showed greater interest in playing games at the center whereas the students from the higher age groups and classes occupied their time in learning and gaining knowledge at the museums.

The students were requested to carry their lunch along with them, however, SIC management served refreshments and juices to the students and teachers.


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