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IMA Ladies Wing conducts public program on Importance of Dawah
November 22, 2016, 9:42 am

Indian Muslim Association Ladies Wing conducted a public program on the theme ‘Importance of Dawah’ on Saturday, 19 November, at Salmiya Indian Model School. Renowned visiting Islamic scholar from India Iqbal Mullah was key note speaker of the day.

Umm Suleiman from IPC Salmiya branch and Ameena Tamimi, Dawah incharge from The Grand Mosque also graced the occasion.

The program commenced with the recitation of the holy Quran by Dr. Nida Musharraf followed by translation by Shadan Rizwi.

Then followed a presentation on ‘Human Faculties and After Life’ by Dr. Aasiya Shahna.

Dr. Shahna highlighted the importance of human faculties – hearing, sight and intellect which are the blessings of The Creator so that man acquires knowledge and becomes thankful. The speech was an invitation to ponder over the verses of the Qur’an and live a life according to guidance of the creator.

Mr. Mullah spoke on the topic ‘Da’wah: Importance and Opportunities and Preparations’ followed by a 15 minute question and answer session. During his thought provoking talk, he said women plays a vital role in spreading the message of Peace. He also mentioned to submit to The Creator and this will solve one’s life problems and obstacles and will lead to ultimate success eventually. The speech ended with a Q and A session.

During the event, Ladies Wing announced the launch of Youth Group to equip the young girls to come together and work towards the cause of Islam. The introduction of the Youth Group was given by the group head, Sister Fadila Ebrahim.

The event concluded with an award ceremony, where Umm Suleiman and Ameena Tamimi awarded certificates and gifts to the winners and participants of the Essay Writing Competition that took place in the month of May on the topic ‘Mother of the Believers: Sayeeda Khadija/Aisha.’

The President of IMA Ladies Wing, Sister Mumtaz Idris presented a memento to the Chief Guests – Umm Suleiman and Ameena Tamimi and thanked them for accepting the invitation and gracing the occasion.

Report By: Zabi Hasan Noor

Photography: Fadila Yaseen

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