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ILOA triumphs in class 10 results
June 1, 2016, 12:15 pm

ILOA made a mark with hundred percent in the CBSEi Class 10 results. Of the 32 students who appeared, three emerged with a full score of 10 points, nine with 9 points

seven with 8 points, nine with 7 points and four with 6 points.

Embellishing the honor board are Aleena John, Sakshi Sreenivasan and Sarah Mary Paul.

The nine with 9 points are Alisha Sarah Jose, Arwa Shabbir, Hafsah Abdul, Ishaan Nejeeb, Joan Cleo, Meenakshi  Sree Kumar, Mohammed Zain, Nehad Vaishnav and Shalen Nanma.

This was possible due to the blend in parent-teacher community and the contribution of Director cum Principal, Asha Sharma. 

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