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ILOA organizes ‘Essential Skills for the Teachers’ workshop
April 24, 2018, 6:43 pm

Indian Learners Own Academy (ILOA) conducted a workshop in coordination with Laxmi Publications under the aegis of Council of CBSE affiliated schools in the gulf via Kuwait Chapter on 21 April for the teachers of 14 Indian Schools in Kuwait.

63 teachers attended this workshop entitled ‘Essential skills for the teachers’. Three resource persons were roped in to train the persons namely Ruchika Sukh, Sakshi Gupta and Gayathri Chandrasekhar.

The workshop started with an invocation of the blessings of God. It was followed by a cordial welcome of the eminent guests, by the principal. Asha Sharma.

During her address principal, Mrs. Sharma, set the tune for the day’s proceedings emphasising the need for the teachers to sharpen their skills from time to time.

The chief resource persons were Mrs. Gupta – Executive Director Laxmi Publications (co-host of the workshop), Mrs. Sukh a life coach and transformation facilitator and Mrs. Chandrashekhar a famous dancer and expert in tarot readings and akashik records.

The other Guest of honour was T. Prem Kumar, Secretary of Gulf Council, Principal of I.E.S. Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan, a very passionate, committed and dedicated educator in the Middle East.  Mr. Arul the Principal of Integrated Indian School also graced the occasion. A brief introduction of the resource persons and the guest of honour was given by Mrs. Anju, faculty member ILOA

The main thoughts were -the Class room is the reflection of the teachers’ mindset which is based on the positive vibration between educators and the learners to cultivate a positive atmosphere in the classroom and release the learning obstacles of the learners.  One should be identifying oneself as who we are and our state of being.

Learners are mirror of educators’ mind and vice –versa. Learners are good at reading a teacher by observing facial expressions rolling at the eyes, hands on hips and many other gestures that shows feelings. Being a teacher, we should be joyful or have a good sense of humour and be able to laugh with the students’ teacher should be relaxed it’s all about the power of mind teacher should shape up their mind and body because whatever we do to ourselves we are doing that to our students.  A teacher should not fix a perception about the learners which in return limit their learning process.

A true and logical atmosphere was created by the resource persons:

As to have peace outside first, we should have peace within encountering conflict and being authentic with our thoughts and goals as a true teacher.

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