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ILOA bids farewell to Class 12 students
January 18, 2016, 1:23 pm

The Indian Learners Own Academy (ILOA) held a ceremony to say a fond farewell to the maiden batch of Class 12. The Chairman D.K. Sharma, the Director and the Principal, Asha Sharma, the teaching fraternity and the enthusiastic parents attended to give them a touching send off. Gracing the occasion was the Special Chief Guest, Father Lionel, Principal of Don Bosco School, who is highly regarded among the education fraternity in Kuwait.

The whole program was directed and organized by Class 11 students  and it began with the recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran. A special prayer was composed for the occasion with the yarn of blessing woven in the garb of ‘Good Luck’.

The Principal gave an inspiring address to students, touching on the importance of fortitude, inner-strength and a genuine nature, and went on to encourage them to perseverve in all their endeavors. Also mentioned was the ethical values inculcated in students to help them reach their full potential.  The speech was followed by an entertaining cultural program that included a Group song , a very rhythmic fusion dance and a duet, and a fascinating composition dabbling in different genres of music made the event truly unique.

The Chief Guest, Father Lionel Braganza presented an ILOA memento to each student so they may forever cherish a part of their school. The Chief Guest, Father Lionel Braganza's message to the students was laden with motivation and reinforcement that they could be their best and their time at the school would surely be treasured as fond memories.  He recalled his outgoing batch of 1984 who adored him fondly, and added that the students need to prioritize in their early years itself their plans for the future and to believe in values like a service to mankind. The messages from the teachers on the occasion were similarly stirring with emotional depth.

The poignant program came to a close with an expression of gratitude by the Head Boy Shamil and the Head girl Nadira of Indian Learners Own Academy. Father Lionel ended saying that many intellectuals from the school have lead the way to great achievements and the outgoing batch is likely to succeed, setting a precedent for all the batches to follow. 

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