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ILF conducts legal seminar and Farewell to Adv. Mili
January 23, 2017, 7:45 pm

Indian Lawyers' Forum (ILF), the association of Indian Law Graduates and lawyers in Kuwait conducted an in-house legal seminar and get together on 20 January at Farwaniya, to bid farewell to its member Advocate (Mrs.) Mili who is leaving Kuwait for good.  Adv. Mili hailing from Kannur, Kerala is an active and prominent member of Indian Lawyers’ Forum right from her arrival in Kuwait. Being a lawyer with a practicing background, her sharing of professional knowledge and experience have been an asset to the forum and its activities.

The function was presided over by the President of Indian Lawyers’ Forum, Adv. Thomas Panicker. In his address the president acknowledged the contributions of Mrs. Mili to the Forum.

President highlighted the activities  of ‘Indian Lawyers’ Forum’. He described all the legal aids the forum has rendered in the recent past.  He said the forum is very successful in providing a platform for the Indian Lawyers in Kuwait to meet and interact with each other. He observed that the forum enjoys the membership of Indian lawyers who are working for high profile legal firms/corporations and holding key legal positions in various companies in Kuwait.  Forum is well equipped to deal with any sort of legal and business consultations pertaining to Kuwait as well as India.

In the legal discussion followed, the subject was presented by Adv. (Mrs.) Mini. Rent Law and Labour Laws of Kuwait were the main subjects for discussion.  Adv. Thomas Stephen and other Advocates also participated in the legal discussion.

Adv. Mohammed Bashir, Adv.Thomas Stephen Adv.Bishnu Das, Adv. Jaseena, Adv. Shivadas made felicitation speeches on the occasion remembering the warm relationship and cooperation they maintained with Mrs. Mili.  Adv. Suresh Pulikkal,  Adv.Shibin, Adv. Tasneem , Adv.Mini also spoke on the occasion expressing their gratitude for her service to the Forum.

President Thomas Panicker presented memento of the forum to Adv. Mili and wished her all success in her career and life ahead.

Mrs. Mili in her speech remarked that his tenure as Indian Lawyers’ Forum member  was eventful and rejoicing.

She said through Forum she benefited a lot professionaly, especially to find out professional friends, participate in legal and other discussions with the fraternity and help each other in their career and personal life. She extended her thanks to all the forum members and assured her continued services to the Forum and its activities in future.

Adv. Suresh Pulickkal proposed vote of thanks.

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