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ILF conducts Legal Symposium and Family get together
April 21, 2018, 12:18 pm

'INDIAN LAWYERS' FORUM', the Professional association of Indian Lawyers and Law Graduates working in Kuwait conducted its Legal Symposium and Family get together function at Kohinoor Restaurant Auditorium at Fahaheel.

The function was presided over by the President Advocate Thomas Panicker. President in his speech welcomed everybody to the function.

The President while highlighting the activities of the unique Forum emphasized the necessity and utility of the Forum's activities to the members & local Indian Community in Kuwait and reiterated that the Forum would continue its endeavor to provide legal advice/guidance to the needy members of the Indian Community. President said that the Forum is well equipped to deal with any sort of legal and business consultations pertaining to Kuwait as well as India. Forum declared that as usual Forum will be ready to participate in any legal seminar conducted by any association.

The function was inaugurated by lighting the Traditional lamp by President Adv. Thomas Panicker, Adv.Shivadas, Adv. Jazeena Bashir, Adv.Priya, Adv.Tis thomas and Ad. Sasidhara Panicker, and other Office Bearers. The function started with a Prayer song by Adv. Minisivadas. Adv. Mohammed Basher, the General Convener welcomed the members and their families. Special welcome done by the host of the function, Adv.Shibin Jose. The activity report of the Forum was presented by Adv. Suresh Pulikkal, General Secretary.

The Legal symposium presented three subjects, Namely, Accident Claims and Insurances by Adv. Bishnudas, Divorce cases by Adv.Mini Sivadas and Judicial Adjudication by Adv.Thomas Stephen. Felicitations speeches were made by Adv. M.K. Sumod, Adv. Mathew Daniel and Sam Paynumood. The Orchestra was led by Mr. Sameer and Party.

All the members, families and guest enjoyed the Legal symposium and the Sumptuous dinner served. Around 100 members of ILF participated in the function.

The function was concluded by vote of thanks by Adv.Vidya Sumod, vice president of the Forum. Ms.Thushara Sumod, a Law student and Forum family member compered the programme and throughout the programme she entertained the crowd.

Those who are interested in touch with the Forum may contact: 97203939/23718748/69398905 or by email: WEB:

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