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ILF conducts Legal Seminar on Uniform Civil Code in India
January 18, 2017, 5:38 pm

The ‘Indian Lawyer’s Forum’, (ILF) the association of Indian Law Graduates and Lawyers in Kuwait,  conducted a legal seminar for Indian community on the Uniform Civil Code in India at Hidine Auditorium, Abbassiaya.  The subject was introduced by Adv. Mohammed Basheer, Adv. Thomas Stephen and Adv. Sumod.

Prominent advocates from ILF,  Adv. Thomas Panicker, Adv. Suresh Pulickal, Adv. Mini, Adv. Vidhya, Adv. Vinod, Adv. Jeseena Bashir, Adv. Smitha, Adv. Shibin and  SA Labba  and Chessil Ramapuram actively participated in the debate.
The ILF President Adv.Thomas Panicker inaugurated the function and in his speech described the activities of  Indian Lawyers’ Forum to the gathering. He said that the ‘Indian Lawyer’s Forum’ has 128 Indian lawyers, law graduates and their family members as members.  Several of ILF members are working with Kuwaiti Law firms and Corporations as Senior Lawyers and are for 15 to 20 years practicing experience in Indian courts. The President  promised full legal support to the community.

The President also said in case any associations wish to conduct legal seminars, Indian Lawyers’ Forum is ready to co-operate with them in their endeavour to help the community.  Suresh Pulickal, Secretary of the forum welcomed the guests and audience.

The speakers who discussed on behalf of ILF highlighted their problems and disadvantages associated with India failing to have a Uniform Civil Code.  They stressed that the introduction of a Uniform Civil Code will not infringe one’s fundamental rights.  Adv. Sumod and Adv. Mohammed Bashir described the various legal aspects of introduction of Uniform Civil Code in India and the advantages it may bring to the community. All Indians are considered equal and the lawyers stressed the advantages of introducing  a Uniform Civil Code, an equal and uniform law for all citizens of India.

The seminar concluded with vote of thanks by Adv. Shivadas, Treasurer of the Forum.

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