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IKEA hosts first cooking competition for amateur cooks
June 5, 2016, 10:55 am

IKEA Kuwait recently organized the first cooking competition for amateur cooks in Kuwait, bringing together people from different backgrounds who share a common passion for food. The competition was held within the vicinity of the IKEA showroom for three consecutive days with each day dedicated to a different category which include appetizers, main courses and desserts.

Over 100 participants registered to participate in the competition on and were required to demonstrate their creativity and cooking flair through the competition. The competition was judged by three renowned chefs in Kuwait; Chef Wafaa Alkanderi, an expert in authentic Khaleeji cuisine, Chef Jenan Al Asfour, a creative culinary expert in Kuwait and Chef Reem Al Jassem, a skilled gourmet connoisseur.

IKEA does not just provide beautiful solutions at home but also organizes various social activities that people in Kuwait can be part of and enjoy. IKEA takes pride in inspiring its customers to showcase their love and creativity for food, thus enabling customers to showcase their culinary expertise through the cooking competition. The competition was solely announced and promoted through IKEA’s social media accounts and website and the comments and feedback from the first day onwards has been encouraging.

IKEA will also be organizing cooking demonstrations and classes on traditional Ramadan dishes in Kuwait through the month of Ramadan. Customers can visit the website on or follow IKEA on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook at @ikeakuwait to find out more about the classes. Through the Holy Month of Ramadan, the IKEA showroom will be open from 11am till 4pm and from 8pm to 1am for customers to enjoy the beautiful and affordable IKEA solutions.

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