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IIT-IIM Alumni Association members gather for Iftar
June 4, 2018, 11:30 am

IIT-IIM Alumni Association, Kuwait, with a gathering of their families, friends, and distinguished guests attended a grand Iftar evening of informal karaoke music combined with awareness sessions at the lovely Horizons restaurant of the Kuwait Towers on 18 May during the holy month of Ramadan. The guests included important personalities from the Indian Embassy, notable organizations and Indian Business and Professional Council, Kuwait. The stars of this grand extravaganza were the singers Mr. Kabeer and Ms. Ramya who enthralled the audience with a beautiful nostalgic journey of Indian music very ably backed by its members and guests.

The IIT-IIM Alumni Association President, Peeyush Jain gave a brief welcome speech, and he outlined the aim of the program to showcase the in house as well as local professional talent.

The event began with Bhushan Joshi, the General Secretary, welcoming the two distinguished speakers of the evening – Anindya Banerjee, CFO of City Bus, Vinod Sharma, a well-known amiable Art of Living Senior Instructor in Kuwait and Anand Kapadia, the vice chairman of IBPC, who is well known for his melodious voice among the singers in Kuwait.  

The karaoke session began and the celebrated singers won the hearts of all by rendering mellifluous melodies of popular yesteryears film songs. During the whole program, the audience was treated to the best of popular numbers, and the artists kept the audience interested by interacting with them and inviting them to sing along. Not to be outdone, the enthusiastic in house singers, led by Pankaj Khudasia, Ishan Patnaik, Vipul, Charani, Manish, Shivi, Avinash, Pratibha Yogendra, Ashok Kamtal, Peeyush Jain and others sang beautifully and captured many hearts. In the end, Anant Kapadia presented a beautiful song at his melodious best.

In between the musical alpha and omega, two motivational speeches were arranged on contemporary issues. The first of two sessions of the inspirational talks was by Anindya Banerjee, CFO, of City Bus on the pressures of social and professional digital connectivity and its unabated forage into our personal space and time. He presented the audience tips on how to cope with this interference and the required actions and precautions we need to take to escape from this digital media menace. He gave examples of how in various companies in the West have set up policies and procedures to manage professional and personal lives of their employees.

The second session was from the well-known master of Art of Living, sharing his valuable stress bursting uses of Sudarshan Kriya, a breathing technique pioneered by Sri Sri Ravishankar. He explained to everyone that the key factors to stress free living beside the ancient pranayama techniques and yoga, to be internally self-driven and staying in the present, keeping at bay the external influences and the emanating stresses from such negative environment. Maintaining a high energy level fueled by spiritual richness and leading a simple life filled with satisfaction and happiness are the key factors to lead a stress free living.

Peeyush Jain, the President of IIT-IIM Association welcomed the chief guest, the Ambassador of India in Kuwait H.E. Jeeva Sagar, with a bouquet and thanked him for accepting the invitation despite his busy schedule.

The Chief Guest, the Indian Ambassador Jeeva Sagar, thanked the President Peeyush Jain and the members of the IITIIM Alumni Association for inviting him to share some moments with their fraternity and congratulated them in organizing this multi-faceted beneficial event. He began with a hilarious personal account of his connection with IITians involving his better half. He addressed the gathering and extolled the services rendered by IITians and IIMites, and valued the reputation they have built globally and particularly in Kuwait.

He urged them to take time off their rigors of work and spend some time enjoying themselves with other activities as well as serve the national cause that promotes innovative business models bringing in the synergetic advancement of trade and business between these two friendly nations, Kuwait and India. He revealed how the matured Kuwait society holds in high esteem of the significant contributions made by the Indian diaspora in Kuwait in various spheres of their development. He urged IIT and IIM professionals to strive hard to sustain and take it further by sparing no effort to penetrate and percolate this goodwill to the hearts and minds of the upcoming young generations of Kuwaitis to establish eternal connectivity. Also, he urged to serve and take care of the less privileged fellow compatriots in Kuwait. The fraternity of IIT-IIM took note of the views of the Physicist from Central University of Hyderabad, as his specialized subject forms the very basic backbone of every core engineering branch, and being well ground in it is an essence of any excellent engineer.

Finally, the event ended with Bhushan Joshi, General Secretary of the Association proposing the vote of thanks. He thanked both the artists, Mr. Kabeer and Ms. Ramya for their amazing mesmerizing performances. He thanked the Indian Ambassador Madam Lydia Srilatha Jeeva Sagar, Raj Gopal Singh, Dy. Chief of Mission, the Embassy Staff, Anant Kapadia, vice chairman of IBPC,  and other invited esteemed guests that include Mahesh Krishnan, CFO, KGL, Nitin Sanghvi CFO of ATC, Ajay Goel COO, city centre and Ravi Shankar, Country Manager, ESSAR who graced this musical mindful evening along with their families and friends, for honoring our Alumni invitation.

The attendees were treated with mouthwatering snacks and a sumptuous dinner at the majestic Horizons Restaurant located in the sphere of the Kuwait Tower. The event was also a birthday celebration and a welcome celebration of some new young entrants to the fraternity - Ms. Neha, the maiden who bowled the IIT Cricket Team Captain Mr. Rajendra recently and another very lovely five-week baby boy Rudra Ved, along with his parents Karthik and Kruthika.  The fraternity congratulated and wished them a happy bright future filled with love and happiness.

Earlier during the interval, the President, Peeyush Jain, felicitated the artists and sponsors, and presented them mementos as a token of appreciation. Mr.Vipul was very busy capturing the beautiful moments of the evening with his camera while the other core team members Ashish, Yogesh, Suresh and Srinivas made sure all the guests and fraternity comfortable while ensuring all the event arrangements. All the Core Committee members worked tirelessly to make this event a grand success and a cherishing one to the members and their families.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) are globally renowned premier Indian institutions of higher education in the fields of Engineering Technology and Management, respectively. The association can be reached at or the official website

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