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IIS organizes 'Explore 2018-19' exhibition
November 4, 2018, 3:22 pm

Integrated Indian School (IIS) inaugurated its ‘Explore’ exhibition on 25 October by Hana Al Anezi, Supervisor of School Counsellors and Social works in Ministry of Private Education, and Praveen Madhavan, an eloquent and well-known orator, along with the Principal Arul Dharmaraj Thomas.

The exhibition showcased the artistic and creative ability of the IIS students to make it colorful. Magic, Square Dance, Live Radio Talkshow, Labyrinth, Mime, Puppet show and live models of everyday science were some of the programs that stood out.

All the departments- Science, Social Science, Computer Science English, Maths, Arabic, Islamic, Hindi, Bangla, French, Music and Arts, presented their best works at the exhibit.

Many of the neighboring schools visited the exhibition and left impressed after witnessing the projects that was showcased. All parents, students and well-wishers highly appreciated the effort of the students and the backing of their mentors.



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