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IIS celebrates Children’s Day with fun and frolic
November 19, 2017, 2:06 pm

As a tribute to the great leader chacha Nehru and his love for children, Integrated Indian School (IIS) celebrated children’s Day on 14 November with full gaiety. The educators of IIS presented a special assembly which commenced with the Quran recital followed by the Kuwait and Indian National Anthem.

The teachers exhibited a dance with their pirouette steps followed by a prayer song by Anwarul Hassan Khan and Saritha Rajan. A variety of other events like solo songs, group songs, poetry recital and others were organized to entertain the audience. The highlight of the program was the enactment by the teachers and principal as students.

Mohd. Hamoud of Class XII was specially invited to the stage and applauded for his prodigious achievement  in under-19 category cricket tournament finals at Malaysia, and was analogized with the a memento.

The teachers of the month was also awarded to Mrs. Samiya, Mrs. Sitara, Mrs. Jaseela and Mr. Sanju. A special applause was given to the art teacher Mrs. Shaheen for her commendable art work.

Mrs. Jaseela Naufal delivered a speech apprising the students about the prominence of Children’s Day. The Principal Arul Dharmaraj Thomas addressed the assembly and urged the students to follow the ideas of Pandit Nehru. Sarika Rawat proposed the vote of thanks.

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