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July 16, 2017, 1:48 pm

This US institution, which has been churning out variations of buttermilk flapjacks since 1958, has grown into a pancake powerhouse, by bringing a local, family diner-type appeal to the broader US. Having long since added additional menu items for both lunch and dinner options, they now represent all-day dining at its finest, with myriad options, across several specialties.

At the Grand Avenue location, they offer 311 seats of dining divided seemingly evenly, between the indoor part of the restaurant itself, and the outdoor-like seating found behind it, in a relaxing courtyard area. Regardless of the location of IHOP, you will be delighted with the incredible service and delectable food offerings.

Must try: Grilled balsamic chicken

Location: First floor, Grand Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3112), 1st Avenue – The Avenues (2228 3874), Divonne in Abu Hasaniya (2220 6125), Sidra Complex in Mahboula (2208 1292)  and JabriyaLand in Block 1 in Jabriya (2221 4862 /66).

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