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IES wins overall championship title at Mazhavillu 2016 Art Competition
November 29, 2016, 2:34 pm

The young talented artists of Indian Educational School won the overall championship title at the 'Mazhavillu 2016' Art Competition organized by Kala Art Kuwait on 11 November.

The prize distribution ceremony was held on 26 November, and IES was declared Overall Champions for the second year in succession.

Catherine Vismaya Biju of grade 12 won the first prize in the senior category thus shelving the gold coins for two consecutive years.

The second and third positions were bagged by Nandakrishnan Mukundan of grade 9 and Apoorva Ramachandran of grade 11 respectively. Merin Anna Jaise stood third in the sub junior category.

Besides this, 18 consolation prizes in different categories by the finest artists of Indian Educational School amazed everyone with the ever smiling double rainbow.

Principal T. Premkumar congratulated the artists of Bhavans. 

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