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IES performers shine at Kindergarten Annual Day and Graduation Day
February 27, 2018, 2:36 pm

The tiny tots of Indian Educational School (IES) and Jack & Jill Mangaf came together to celebrate by giving their best ever performance at the 2018 Kindergarten Annual Day and Graduation Day held on 19 and 20 February respectively.  

The month-long practice sessions brought to light excellent orators, dancers and actors among the LKG students while the crème de la crème of UKG children were trained for the farewell presentation.

On 19 February, the event kick-started most auspiciously with the IES Kindergarten Supervisor Sushama Joe welcoming the gathering. The UKG Coordinator Neethu Maria delivered the welcome address, receiving the Chief Guests for the occasion Maryann Beebe-Ally, wife of Ambassador to Guyana,  Chairman N.K. Ramachandran Menon, SponsorAli Judiyan Al Rashidi, Principal of SIS Mahesh Iyer, Principal of IES T. Premkumar, Principal of Jack & Jill Mangaf Rathi Ravindran, Administrative Manager Shaimaa Zaki, Manager Owner’s Office Mohammed, Vice-Principal Kindergarten and Primary Lalitha Premkumar, Vice Principal Middle and Senior Suresh V Balakrishnan and Vice Principal CCA Meenakshi Nayyar.

On 20 February, Mrs. Felicita (Faculty, Jack & Jill) welcomed the gathering while Mrs. Savithri delivered the welcome address, receiving the Chief Guests for the occasion, Dr. P.S.N. Menon, Head of the Department of Pediatrics, Jahra Hospital, Chairman of Bhavans Middle East, Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Principal of IES Mr. T.Premkumar, Principal of SIS Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Jack & Jill Mangaf Mrs. Rathi Raveendran, Vice-Principal Kindergarten and Primary wing Mrs. Lalitha Premkumar, Vice Principal Middle and Senior wing Mr. Suresh V Balakrishnan, Vice Principal CCA Mrs. Meenakshi Nayyar, IES Kindergarten Supervisor Mrs. Sushma Joe and SIS Kindergarten Supervisor Mrs. Rajni Menon.

This was followed by the Lighting of the Lamp to invoke the divine grace to bless the occasion assuring the grand success of the mega event.   

The Annual Reports of IES and Jack and Jill were presented by the IES Vice Principal for KG and Primary Mrs. Lalitha Premkumar and Principal of Jack and Jill, Rathi Raveendran, respectively, throwing light on the multitude of activities and teaching strategies adopted by the kindergarten wing to bring about not just the academic progress but also a play-based environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the tiny tots.

The unfolding of the cultural extravaganza by the kids of LKG was the much-awaited segment. Under the banner of ‘Kaleidoscope’– a harmonious existence of all the colours in nature, add-on narrations to colorful skit and dance-based sequences namely Dazzling Pearls, Naach Mayur, Flower Power, Twilight Sparkles and Whirling Rainbow left the guests spellbound, to see amazing talents at such a tender age. The UKG Graduations and Adieu segment gracefully showcased the maturity, poise and elegance of the UKG kids, all set to conquer the new frontiers of Primary.

Chief Guest Mrs. Maryann Beebe-Ally, in her address, implored the students to be good friends and good neighbors, to cultivate a good relationship with each other, the most important aspect that makes life fun and enjoyable as they go through the learning process.  She stressed on the need to make a friend feel wanted, to be there for them, talk to them and share their happiness when they succeeded in their tests or even when they got a new toy.  She also reiterated the need for students and teachers to be good friends.  Secondly, she focused on the need for parents, grandparents and teachers to be friends with each other for the wellbeing of the family, society and country. 

Chief Guest Dr. Menon, in his address, extolled the exemplary talents of the kindergarteners, and assured that India was marching and progressing on the right path, molding those great talents as the future citizens.

Master Aaron Rajesh Varghese of UKG-C from IES and Master Spandan Swaroop Sen of UKG-D from Jack & Jill Mangaf proposed the vote of thanks. The curtains for the occasion closed with the singing of the Indian National Anthem.

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