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IES organizes workshop for teachers in EVS and Science
October 3, 2016, 2:30 pm

Indian Educational School (IES), (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan), Kuwait chose 2 October, the day of Gandhi Jayanti, for a rejuvenating workshop for teachers of science on 'A Questioning Mind … A Scientific mind'. The resource person was Ms. Sangeeta Malik, an eminent educator and teacher trainer, a gold medallist for her BSc. Honours, from New Delhi.

The event was organized by Pitambar Publications. The resource team had Manish Aggarwal and Bisht along with Ms. Sangeeta. More than 40 teachers teaching science in various classes from 1 to 12 from the two Bhavan’s schools were a part of it. IES Principal T. Premkumar , Principal (SIS) Mr. Mahesh Iyer and Chairman of Bhavans Middle East, Mr. N.K. Ramachandran Menon were also present on the occasion.

Mr. Premkumar while welcoming the resource group and the participants to the event reiterated the fact that no one, however talented he/she is, can do a job productively unless his/her tools are continuously and properly sharpened. Therefore, it goes without saying that, in-house trainings play a major role in making teaching effective.

Teachers were initially divided into various groups and were encouraged to participate in a variety of activities. The simulation of various classroom situations transformed teachers for a while into bubbly kids, and they wholeheartedly involved in all the activities the Resource Person had planned for them. The hands on activities, making of a lot of educational toys and other cut outs, the formation of the food chain, and the food web emphasizing the importance of plants as a part of the food chain through the activity made the session informative and all the more enjoyable.

The holistic approach of learning brought forth all the aspects of education in a single string of thought, and sensitized the teaching community to the objectives of the workshop. The activity oriented learning about insects and their specifications, and the class activity designed to involve each student of the class to make the bulletin board need special mention in this regard. Mrs. Sangeeta beautifully brought out the importance of storytelling as an efficient tool to drive home difficult concepts with ease.

Ms. Sangeeta highlighted the importance of the six interrogative adjectives viz. When and Why, When and How, Which and Who. They can transform a child from being a mere student in the classroom to a publisher, editor, a designer or a proficient personnel in broadcasting in addition to the engineers, doctors and scientists, and give the child more freedom to be creative and be informative while learning.

Ms. Sangeeta taught the enthusiastic teachers how the scientific inquisitiveness in children can be awakened through simple experiments. She also pointed out the glaring mistakes printed in a few textbooks and underlined the responsibility of teachers to check the authenticity of concepts before teaching.

The Teachers were enthusiastic about bringing in more fun to their classes in the days to come. Principal Mr. Premkumar who took the initiative in organizing this workshop gave the welcome speech, and Ms. Tessy HoD, Biology proposed the vote of thanks.

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