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IES organizes the annual school exhibition
November 9, 2014, 5:03 pm

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (IES) organized the Annual School Exhibition on 6 November, 2014 in the school premises. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Sushil Kumar, the second secretary of Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

Exhibitions have the power to connect students to their callings as they develop essential skills for lifelong success. The students of primary, middle and senior wings of the school displayed their creative talents with innovative and brilliant projects and working models meticulously put together after undertaking intensive research work.

The Science Department presented 'Science-A scintillating Symphony'. The science-savvy students of Bhavan exhibited hundreds of working models. The exhibits by the virtuosos of IES were indeed eye-openers on various topics related to Green Energy, Innovation in Transport, Communication, Agriculture, Technology, Bio- diversity, Community Health, Environment and Aerospace Modelling. Experiments on elasticity, electrical circuits and making tornadoes in bottles displayed by the primary children, caught the attention of quite many.

The Social Science Department put up exhibits show casing ‘Kaleidoscopic view of Indian society’, which enthralled the onlookers. Students and parents thronged to see the children attired in their traditional and ethnic wear. The participants of this show provided exact and valuable information on the social, economic and cultural indicators of the Indian states they represented. An insight into ‘Hyrdoponics’, a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil, was provided by the senior students in the Social Science stalls. Students also displayed models of various natural and manmade resources. Monuments, hydro power plants, trade routes followed by sailors in search of resources were, perhaps, the main attractions of the Social Science Exhibition stalls. The primary section with equal enthusiasm, showed the tapestry of geographical features of India and its rich culture, the life of people and displayed the engineering feat of monumental structures like Bhurj Khalifa which was well appreciated by the visitors.

The Computer Department unraveled ‘cloud computing and robotics’. Latest innovations in the field of software and hardware engineering were showcased by the computer-buffs of IES.

The Commerce Department of IES presented the mechanism of stock market trading. The students of commerce and business studies inductively illustrated jargons associated with Stock Marketing trade. Apart from that, the students also diligently demonstrated the different functions of management. The senior students of the Commerce Stream also enthusiastically presented the export Procedures and the procedures for the commencement of small-scale business in Kuwait.

The Math-Mavens of Bhavan displayed their supremacy over Mathematics by displaying many an awe-inspiring exhibit to flaunt their knowledge on various units of Mathematics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, mensuration, statistics and probability. The primary students through puzzles, games and riddles in mathematics kept the visitors enthralled testing their logical reasoning and intelligence.

The English Department of IES stole the show with their enchanting Character Portrayal. The famous literary characters paraded themselves with great aplomb in front of the audience. The lovers of English literature thronged the venue to see their favorite characters come alive amidst cheers and applause. The department also organized a book-sale. An exhibition showcasing the life and works of great authors won plaudits.

An exclusive stall that provided all the necessary information about Global English as well as international proficiency examinations in English was the highlight of the exhibition. The stall was attended by professionals from the English Department of Universal Institute, Salmiya. The students of primary section displayed enormous skill and explored ways to bring out their creative genius.

They presented their linguistic skills through speeches, skits and choral recitation and won plaudits. The story cards and story boxes that made interesting stories come across, fresh and alive with imagination won the hearts of all. The story boxes were made by children with animated display of characters/scenes using toys and props in cardboard boxes.

The Hindi and Sanskrit stalls displayed the supremacy of Indian languages. The students provided the audience with information on Hindi, which is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. It is estimated that nearly half a billion people worldwide speak this wonderful language. Sanskrit students highlighted Sanskrit as the mother of all Indo-European languages. They introduced the classics written in Sanskrit to the visitors.

The French Department stalls attracted very many visitors. The ‘Bon Appetite’ stall introduced the visitors to the nonpareil French cuisine. The French department provided an insight into the fabulous French culture. The famous hand puppet show of the city Lyon in France, popularly known as 'Le Theatre de Guignol' was one of the star attractions of the School Exhibition.  Visitors comprising students of Indian schools, teachers and parents thronged the stall to watch the puppet-show.

The Art Exhibition organized by the Art Department of IES was, perhaps the most popular exhibition venue. It was indeed a Herculean task to put up nearly one thousand art works of students and teachers in the school auditorium and in the basement area. Excellent paintings and craftworks of students were elegantly and proudly displayed in the auditorium. Paintings on canvas, acrylic and watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and murals won awe and admiration.

The chief guest Dr. Sushil Kumar showed keen interest in the working models and the innovative ideas of the young generation and assured them of his support to enhance their creative endeavors. The unique and holistic experience of embracing the analytical, artistic and culinary talents of the students was well appreciated by the parents and guests and stood testimony to the philosophy of Bhavan. Principal T.Premkumar acknowledged the passion exhibited and the extensive research work undertaken by all the departments.

He also thanked all the participants for making the Annual Exhibition a grand success and appreciated their novel projects. He also summed up the true essence of the exhibition by saying that exact and inexact sciences, languages and art give us tools of immense power and as with any other form of power; the misuse is always a possibility. It therefore, becomes incumbent on us to become judicious and use these wonders with utmost care.

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