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IES organizes regally rich Investiture
May 12, 2018, 5:20 pm

Indian Educational School (IES) in a regally rich fashion, invested the insignia of authority and power with 18 elected members of the ‘Student Supreme Council’ of the school along with class prefects, house captains, vice-captains, junior captains and other office bearers including ‘blossoms’ from the primary wing. The chief guest for the day was Yashwant Chatpalliwar, Second Secretary, Embassy of India, Kuwait.

The newly designated supreme council members and the flag bearers of the four houses of the school have been democratically elected by the students of IES. As the Bhavans Fraternity always strives to foster a sense of ‘secularism and democracy’ or in other words, a feeling of uniqueness and togetherness, among its family members, the election was indeed a simulation of the parliament elections like in any democratic country in the world.  More than 100 worthy contestants filed their nominations for different posts. All the nominations were scrutinized by the electoral officials and the house masters.

A festive mood induced by the campaign fever gulfed the campus prior to the election, and it gave the prospective egalitarians a congenial platform to flaunt and showcase their leadership qualities thus assuring the trust of the voters. The election was conducted on 25 April, 2018, conserving the secrecy of any democratic election. The very next day, at the summit of the fever pitch, the result of the election was declared.

The investiture of the academic year 2018-2019 was held in the school auditorium on 4 May. The day unfolded with the recital from the Holy Quran, singing of the Kuwait National Anthem and prayer song by the school choir. The ceremony was attended by the members of the Bhavans Family comprising the teachers and the students of grades 9, 11 and the Commerce Stream of grade 12.

The presence of Yashwant Chatpalliwar, the chief guest for the day added lustre and grace to the occasion. The chief guest was given a reverential salute and guard of honour by the members of the supreme council while he was being ceremoniously ushered to the auditorium by T. Premkumar, the principal, IES, Mahesh Iyer, the principal, Smart Indian School, Suresh .V. Balakrishnan, the senior vice principal, IES, Lalitha Premkumar, the vice principal, primary, IES and Meenakshi Nayyar, the vice principal CCA, IES.  The events of the eventful day unfurled to life with the decorous ‘marching in’ of the student supreme council to the investiture venue with gauged steps and oscillating arms in sync with drum beats and band music.

The chief guest embellished the supreme council members and house captains of IES with their insignia – badges, sashes and flags while the auditorium pulsated with excitement and ardour. The Supreme Council Members headed by the Head Boy (Samuel John Abraham, G11A), Head Girl (Aaliya Yasirah Sageer, G11B), Junior Head Boy (Jalaluddin Akbar 4 E) and Junior Head Girl (Evanna Sarah Brijesh 4 F) were bestowed upon the adornments of their authority by the chief guest Mr. Yashwant Chatpalliwar. House captains of Satya, Seva, Sankruthi and Tapas received their flag and badge from principal of Smart Indian School, Mr. Mahesh Iyer.

The oath of allegiance for the newly elected student parliament was administered by the head of the institution, Mr. T. Premkumar. When the young and dynamic leaders with an unfaltering sense of responsibility had sworn in by taking the oath of office, the auditorium once again exploded with euphoric ovation. The new corpse d’elite of the D Supreme Council, Samuel John Abraham and Aaliya Yasirah Sageer delivered their acceptance speeches which were ingrained with an unflinching dedication and commitment to the Bhavans Fraternity at large.

The polymaths of IES were honored on the occasion for their scholastic excellence in the National Math Olympiad. The chief guest Yashwant Chatpalliwar, the principal, IES, T. Premkumar and the principal, Smart Indian School, Mahesh Iyer gave away medals, medallions, and certificates to the throng of multi-faceted Bhavanites.

On behalf of the Bhavans Fraternity, the chief guest Yashwant Chatpalliwar was presented a memento by T. Premkumar, the principal, IES, and Mahesh Iyer, the principal, SIS, as a token of the family’s gratitude and respect. In his address, he reminisced his old school days, and admitted his fantasy of being a student at IES, Kuwait. He further exalted the awe-inspiring talents of the Bhavanites. He reminded the students the importance of holding our duties and responsibilities high up in a virtuous manner.

Joel George of grade 11B delivered the welcome speech. Madhumitha Kashiviswanathan of grade 11B proposed the vote of thanks. The emcees of the day were Gayathri of grade 12C and Harshini of grade 12B. The Indian National Anthem marked a graceful end to yet another eventful day at the numero uno temple of wisdom in the beautiful land of Kuwait.

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