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IES organized 'Model United Nations' competition
December 8, 2014, 2:17 pm

Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) is indisputably the forerunner of novel educational programs that benefit the expatriate student community of Kuwait as a whole. The Social Science Department of Indian Educational School has embarked upon yet another novel contest for the students of Indian schools in Kuwait with the noble intention of transforming the present-day students into true global citizens with a vision for the future. Model United Nations – Emulating the United Nations General Assembly to have an insight into the functioning of the UN, was the outcome of a long cherished dream. A project that few would dare to take up. Six Indian Schools including IES participated in the competition. The competition was held in the IES auditorium on Thursday, 4 December, 2014.

From each of the participating schools, two delegates representing two different countries were ushered to their respective places on stage. Altogether, there were twelve participants. USA, UK, France, India, Germany, Turkey, Nigeria, China, Australia, and Japan were the twelve countries represented by the delegates.

Prior to the competition, an extensive workshop cum practice session was conducted for all the participants on 13 November to familiarize them with the jargons associated with the UN, its rules and protocols with regard to the submission of draft resolutions, position papers, moderated caucus and so on and so forth.

The Chief Guest of the day was Dr. Mubasher Riaz Sheikh, the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative for the State of Kuwait. He was accompanied by Ms. Josephine from UNDP.

Dr. Sheikh is a specialist in ‘policy and planning’ with professional experience of over two decades at national, regional and global levels. Dr. Mubasher inaugurated the Model United Nations amid a round of applause by the audience comprising senior students of IES and the IES fraternity.

Dr. Mubasher addressed the gathering. In his very enlightening and informative speech, Dr. Mubasher prized the earnest endeavors of IES to chisel out global leaders for tomorrow. He stressed upon the need to have a global perspective to combat the predicaments that plague the present world. He observed that platforms such as the MUN give the children an opportunity to learn more about ‘unity in diversity’ that the UN promotes and propagates. Dr. Mubasher also expressed his happiness to be a part of the UN Assembly, New York when Ban ki Moon, the UN Secretary paid tribute to His Highness, the Amir of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, for his leading support to humanitarian causes around the world. He extolled the efforts of Kuwait in helping the poor and the needy in many a country. He also said, amidst, clapping that the UNDP in Kuwait would always be there to support the school in all its future endeavors.

The proceedings began with a General Assembly session where the country delegates debated at length on ‘battling the spread of Ebola, a prospective pandemic’, ‘Green consumerism can battle environment crisis’ and ‘Devising measures to control growing international refugees’.

The participants submitted resolution and position papers on each topic. The effort was to make the students realize the importance of the United Nations, so that they also can contribute in their own way towards global peace and brotherhood.

The competition was adjudged by eminent orators and well known Toastmasters Mr. George Mathew and Mr. Praveen Madhavan.

The Best Position Paper, The Best Draft resolution and the Best Speaker of the Assembly were awarded trophies and fabulous prizes. The Best Draft Resolution that won the first place was that of Master Amey Hosmat, IES. Amey represented USA in the competition. ‘The Best Position Paper Award’ was won by Cherryn Bijoy, of Integrated Indian School, who represented the United Kingdom in the competition. The title ‘The Best Speaker of the Contest’ was bagged by Anjula Ann of Indian English Academy School. She represented the country of Nigeria.

The Rolling Trophy for the ‘Best Performing School’ was conjointly bagged by Indian Learners Own Academy and Indian English Academy School. The host school that obtained the highest points was declared as the first runners up in accordance with the rules of the competition.

Miss Pratyusha of Grade 11 delivered the welcome address and Miss Vanshika of Grade 11 proposed the vote of thanks. The whole event was organized by B.V Srividya of Grade 10.

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