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IES holds successful Summer Camp 2017
August 2, 2017, 12:06 pm

The Indian Educational School (IES) organized a one- month Summer Camp on its premises from 11 June to 11 July for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Grade 5. The delegates of the camp were students from various schools in Kuwait.

The IES Summer Camp 2017 was inaugurated by Lalitha Premkumar, Vice Principal of the primary wing on 11 June amidst thunderous applause fused with music and dance. Camp Director Mr. Murugaiyan welcomed the gathering, and the facilitators: Ms. Muneera M.Kutty, Ms. Sukanya, Ms. Jeya Devi, Mr. Ranjith and Mr. Armugham introduced themselves to the delegates and their parents. Ms. Muneera M. Kutty delivered the vote of thanks. An ice breaking session was conducted after the inaugural session. Music Teacher, Ms. Sijitha, got all the delegates and facilitators on the dance floor with her foot tapping numbers.

The children were divided into three groups according to their grades.

Group 1: LKG and UKG in Charge: Ms. Jeya Devi

Group 2: Grades 1& 2 in Charge: Ms. Sukanya

Group 3: Grades 3 to 5 in Charge: Ms. Muneera M.Kutty

The Camp hours were from 8:30 am to 12:45 pm, Sunday to Thursday.


Mr. Murugaiyan                Camp Director

Mr. Ranjith                        Sports

Ms. Sukanya                    Aerobics & Dance

Ms. Jeya Devi                  Music

Ms. Muneera M.Kutty       Language Arts/Needle Work & Art

The programs organized included Yoga, Aerobics, Breathing Exercises, Swimming, Art/Craft/Needle work, Language Skills, Public Speaking, Music, Dance and Field Trips

The range of celebrations encompassed Environment Day, Fun in the Sun, Color Day, Creative Hat Day, Birthday, Talent Day and more. The facilitators ensured that all the delegates actively took part in all the celebrations.

Fun in the Sun Day

Children came dressed in yellow on this day with the highlight being the artificial rain created by the Sports department. The children thoroughly enjoyed drenching themselves in the rain. They were also taught to make lemonade.

Environment Day

Children came draped in green on the Environment Day, and planted seeds in small bowls which they took home with them. They were sensitized on the needs to conserve the environment and on the eco-friendly methods of waste disposal.

Group 1 &2 were given coloring task related to the theme. Group 3 made posters with slogans on the topics: Conserve the Environment, Global Warming, 3 Rs (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) and more.

Creative Hat Day

Children enjoyed creating hats using simple materials. The junior groups decorated the hats they brought along with them whereas the senior groups made their own hats using construction paper. Children came up with innovative ideas to create their own hats.

Talent Day

All the delegates actively participated in the Talent Show. Children sang and danced euphorically. The best speakers selected during the Public Speaking sessions, spoke on the occasion.

Colour Day

Colour Day at IES Summer Camp was celebrated based on the theme, ‘Together we’re a rainbow of colours!’, and campers and facilitators came clad in rainbow colours. Mr. T. Premkumar, the Principal inaugurated the day by making an imprint of his palms on the canvas of colors and thus marked the importance of the day. He also helped the tiny tots in Group One to make their imprints on the canvas. Finally, a beautiful rainbow was created with hand imprints of all the delegates and facilitators, and which indeed was the breathtakingly standout attraction of the day. Lalitha Premkumar, the Vice Principal spoke to the children about the significance and impact of various colours in our life. She also conducted a meditation activity which the children found very relaxing and soul soothing.  Language activities, songs, art and craft activities related to different colours were held for the children.

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day was observed by conducting Yoga sessions for the students on 21 June.  The students were educated on the importance of Yoga and how it can help to lead a balanced life. They were made aware that yoga helps in maintaining not only physical and mental health but also a healthy social life.    

The students were taught Pranayama and various Aasanas starting with warm ups and stretching followed by Surya Namaskar.

Birthday Celebration

The 9 July was set aside for celebrating the birthdays of all those children whose birthdays fall during the vacation. Birthday boys and girls came dressed in their best and distributed bars of chocolates and cakes to all the delegates and facilitators. Birthday songs were sung and all the delegates wished the celebrities of the day a happy and long life.

Ethnic Day

Children being brought up away from their home land need to be sensitized about their motherland, their tradition, culture and heritage. With this noble aim, ‘Ethnic Day’ was celebrated during the camp days. Children spoke about their native place, customs, places of importance, language etc. Small children were taught to locate their native place on the map and colour the same. They drew beautiful pictures of things that reminded them of their native place.

Fruit Salad Day

To inculcate healthy eating habits in children, Fruit Salad Day was celebrated. Each child was asked to bring a fruit of their choice. A tasty fruit salad was made and served to all the children. Children who were reluctant to eat at first came back for more servings later.

Field Trip

Field trips to KDD factory and KITCO were arranged. Children learnt about the factory processes that were carried out in the two factories. They were given gift packets of sample products by the factory officials.

Valedictory Function

The IES Summer Camp Valedictory Function was held on 11 July. Children came clothed in their native costume for the occasion. Mr. Murugaiyan welcomed the gathering. Camp delegates gave their feedback. Every delegate from group 3 came forward and spoke. This was followed by a small cultural program. Music Teacher Ms. Jeya Devi, rendered a lovely classical song. Camp Director Mr. Murugaiyan and other facilitators, Mr. Ranjith and Ms. Sukanya, distributed the certificates of participation to all the campers. Mr. Murugaiyan, delivered the vote of thanks.

He expressed his immense gratitude to the Chairman and the Principal for encouraging the team to organize summer camps every year and keep the children engaged in wonderful skill -based activities. He thanked all the facilitators, non-teaching staff, the delegates and parents for their whole-hearted sincere cooperation offered in making the Summer Camp 2017 a grand success.  Ice creams and cakes were distributed at the end of the program. The campers bid good bye amidst tears and cheers foreseeing a nostalgic return in 2018.

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