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IES holds career guidance session for its students
November 1, 2016, 10:09 am

At Bhavans, regular career guidance for the high school students is organized annually to help them and their parents make the right decisions regarding their children’s future education and career options. Presenters from ‘Education Basket’ Qatar led a career guidance session on Thursday, 27 October at the school auditorium.

Jamshid Mirzabekov, UK/EU recruitment manager gave a wonderful presentation to the parents and the students of grades 11 and 12 where he outlined the admission procedures and courses offered in the top nine Universities in UK.

He was assisted by Ms. Jessica, who is the local representative of Education Basket. In his presentation, he mentioned the acceptance of the CBSE curriculum in the UK / EU countries and how well the children perform in their various courses. He also mentioned that for the academic year 2017, admissions can be provisional granted to the students if they have 80% or more in the examination they have appeared for. 

Parents and children raised several questions on the availability of the scholarships, accommodation, living expenses, course strength, course duration, opportunities for employment post education, visa processing procedure among others. Mr. Jamshid answered all the questions to the satisfaction of the parents. The audience members benefited from the successful session.

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