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IES celebrates world environment day
June 11, 2016, 11:54 am

CBSEi section of Indian Educational School (IES) celebrated the World Environment Day 2016 in a memorable way in the school hall with the Principal Mr. T. Premkumar was the Chief Guest.

On 5 June, children came carrying a sapling from home that they took care of, watering it and tendering the greenery of their small little leaves. The canopy of plants gave a different outfit to the whole section of the school.

Children marched to the school hall together with their saplings, and gave shape to a small garden of various kinds of plants in the arena. It was with an added enthusiasm that they gave a standing ovation to the Chief Guest. The Principal, in his inaugural address, reminded the children of the importance of preserving the greenery all around. He emphasized on the selflessness of mother earth, mentioning that no river drinks the water in it, and no tree eats the fruits on it. All children took an oath on their responsibility and readiness to preserve a better planet for the future generation.

The oath was administered by the principal.  He also honored Master Ali Zahid Alavi of 4iB and Master Ahmed Aqeel Rizqi of 7iA, bestowing on them the office of the secretary and the president of the Eco Club respectively.

Kids from various classes presented a variety of entertainment programs like group song, tableau and documentary movie. When the kids of classes one and two sang songs in praise of Mother Earth, the kids in class 5 staged a thought provoking tableau which highlighted to all the danger of wanton dumping of plastic waste in the environment. The off stage inter-class contests like coloring and poster making competitions enriched the message of the day. The events which made the day different was compered by Master Nygel Praveen of 5iB.  Miss Zainab Mohsin Abdullah gave the welcome speech and Master Aqeel proposed the vote of thanks.


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