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IES celebrated Earth Day
April 23, 2015, 11:56 am

Earth Day turned inspirational when tiny tots along with sixth graders took a solemn oath to protect Mother Earth in their own small way. They swore to lead the rest of the world towards protecting the environment.

The CBSE i family of 250+ students and staff of Indian Educational School, Kuwait celebrated Earth Day with speeches, songs and inspirational videos. It was a day to celebrate the fact that we still have a chance to save our beloved planet. The students were moved from tears to laughter through the various programs that were put up by the upper primary students. They sighed on the plight of mother Earth and rejoiced at the fact that they could contribute towards saving her.

It was heartening to see such tiny minds become firm on issues relating to global warming, pollution and such. The students made up their minds to do their best to save our planet and they also decided to motivate their elders to do the same.

The celebrations ended on this positive note. The teachers were rather pleased to see that the future of our planet was in safe and aware hands.


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