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IES bags the ‘NIRAM’ overall championship trophy for the fifth time
December 17, 2015, 11:09 am

The amazing artists of IES once again made their alma mater exceptionally proud by winning the Overall Championship Trophy for the fifth time in Kala Art Kuwait (Niram). The painting and clay modeling competition was organized by Kala Art Kuwait on 13 November, while the prize distribution ceremony was held on 11 December.

18 promising artists received merit awards and 43 talented Bhavanites received consolation prizes for their commendable art work.

IES won prizes in all the four categories, A, B, C and D. The winners were, for Group A, painting and crayon coloring, Anaika P Shibu, bagged the first place, Gauri Laiju, second  and Gatha Ajai Nair, third.

For group B, painting and crayon coloring, Mridula P R, second place and Fida Ancy, third place.

For group C, painting and water coloring Keerthiga Nagarjan, won the third place.

For Group D, clay modeling, Abu Amaan Pal won the second place.

Principal, Mr. T Premkumar congratulated the winners in a special assembly and encouraged the students to explore, think and experiment with art, to discover the artists in them, and to fine tune their artistic skills under the able guidance of the talented art teachers of Bhavans.

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