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IES Kindergarten wing visit the Scientific Center
November 23, 2015, 10:05 am

The Kindergarten wing of IES organized a fun-filled picnic for the kids of Bhavan’s KG schools to the aquarium at the Scientific Center, Kuwait on  12 November and the 16 November. The kindergarteners along with their teachers took a bus trip to the venue, singing their favorite rhymes for a day of outdoor learning and fun all along the way. The young Bhavanites were thrilled to experience a daytrip with their friends.

The kids enjoyed the beautiful weather, and were delighted to see a wide range of aquatic animals including penguins. Watching those exotic aquatic animals helped the children connect with the mystyerious marine world. The day was fun filled and exciting for the kindergarten children as they were overjoyed to see many of the marine creatures at the scientific center. They came back with lots of amazing memories and stories about their discoveries of the animals in their habitat.

The kids watched the various  fishes and sea creatures with wide-opened eyes in amazement. The biggest attraction for them was the sharks, whose massive size and nimbleness  created a genuine sense of wonder in them. The visit to the aquarium at the Scientific Center was a unique way to engage the kids and provide them a firsthand learning experience of marine life, taking a break from the mundane learning experience that take place within the four walls of their classroooms.

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