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IES Boys and Girls Shine in the Class X CBSE Examination
May 21, 2014, 2:56 pm

The landmark feat by the Class X students of Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan), Kuwait echoes its success and glory of the past five years.  An atmosphere of excitement and exuberance that naturally follows big success was seen at the Indian Educational School as all the 99 students who appeared for the Class X CBSE examinations 2014 cleared the first hurdle of the long journey of their Academic life.

IES scored impressively with 22 students making it to the impeccable GPA (Grade Point Average) score of 10 out of 10 with all A1 grades in all the five subjects. Students and parents were all very happy with the score scheme.

37 (37.3%) students scored A1 (91 per cent and above) in English, 30 (30.3%) A1 in Science, 31 (31.3%) A1 in Mathematics, 38 (38.3%) A1 in Social Science, 15 (34%) A1 out of 44 in Hindi, 12 (27.2%) A1 out of 44 in French, and 5 (45%) A1 out of 11 in Sanskrit.

The Proud Bhavanites of Perfect CGPA of 10 are:

(8107066) Naveen Johnson Vallavanatt, (8107120) Jenish Patel, (8107122) Mitoshi Nandi,(8107129) Sam Ebey Samuel,  (8107132) Susan Ann Roy, (8107064) Krupa Sara John, (8107107) Abitha George Thomas, (8107126) Rajkrishnan Panakkaparambil, (8107078) Akshaya K S, (8107084) Duvvuri Rohini Pratyusha, (8107090) Keerthiga Nagarajan , (8107099) Shah Bhavya Rakeshkumar, (8107101) Shradheya Thakre, (8107080) Anjana Jayaram, (8107093) Nadia Nayaf, (8107104) Vanshika Gandotra, (8107105) Yogesh Balaje Mahendran, (8107085) Emil Joshy, (8107098) Rohan Abraham Athyal, (8107137) Puvvada Prasanna Sai, (8107140) Sharath Ganesh, (8107138) Ratnakaram Sravanti           

The impressive results were the outcome of diligence, commitment, and abiding efforts of the students along with untiring efforts of their teachers and constant support of their families.

Credit to teachers

School Toppers credited their teachers' dedication and ever willing support for the good showing. The time-tested study pattern of IES, along with the students' fervent wish to succeed helped them score high marks. The school's pledge to shine in academics proved true, looking at the scintillating results for the last 5 years.

Chairman of Bhavans Middle East and Principal Premkumar, extolling all the highfliers, teachers, Vice Principal of the senior school and the ever-supporting parent community, noted that the outstanding grades were a pointer to the intrinsic abilities of the new generation students, both in scholastic and non-scholastic areas. They said that when it comes to turning students into go-getters, we should carve out the wards for rank holder insight.

The results will definitely be achieved when the teachers and the school put their hearts into the effort and work for it. The programmes like the remedial coaching have helped several students to overcome the fear of writing the examination, and the result has shown the fruit of the labour when 98 out of the 99 scored CGPA of 6 and above. For a young school like IES this is indeed a remarkable achievement said Premkumar, the Principal of the school. 

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