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IES Boys Make History in the 4th IBA Interschool Mega Basketball Tournament
April 28, 2016, 10:13 am

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s (IES) under-12 boys team set a record in the finals of the 4th IBA Interschool Mega Basketball Tournament held on 16 April at the Indian Central School, Abbassiya. The tournament marked the maiden victory of Bhavan (IES) in the finals of IBA Basketball Tournament.

The tournament, held from 14 to 16 April, was well received and participated by the Indian schools in Kuwait. The opening ceremony was blessed with the gracious presence of ICS Principal Dr. Shanta Maria James, who officially declared the tournament open by shooting a basket into the loop. The IBA fraternity lead by its patron cum well wishers James Varghese, President Mr. Eugene Koshy, Vice president Mr. Koshy Abraham, General secretary Mr. D K Dileep and Treasurer Mr. Sibi Kurien were important to the successful organization of the event.

The tournament indeed witnessed some mind-blowing matches with more than 700 participants from different Indian schools, Men and Women Clubs in Kuwait vying with their opponents to achieve the best score. The major highlight of the tournament was the open matches for men and women from a variety of clubs in Kuwait who enthralled the spectators with their playing style and professional game.

The IBA tournament was supported by sponsors Shifa Al Jazeera Medical Centre, Al Nahil International Clinic, Fusion shipping &Logistics who have been with us all through the IBA journey with their exclusive packages and health plans for the winners.

The boys of Bhavan faced and defeated ICSK in their first match and DPS in the second.

The final match between IES and United Indian School (UIS) on April 16 had IES lifting the IBA tournament trophy for the first time in its history. Devnarayan Jiju of 7D, the captain of the winning side, was declared ‘The Player of the Tournament’.

The President of the IBA gave away the trophies for the winners and the runners-up amidst thunderous applause. The following players were awarded: Devnarayan Jiju, the captain, Abraham Philip, Varun Srinivasarao Budati, Surya Manoj, Adithya Mahesh, Aditya Gupta, Prakhar Bhandari, Abdulla Mohamed Khamis, Thomas Ben Marcos, Rehan Malik Shaheer, Adrian Vremenkulam Peter and Evan Joseph Pynummoottil. IES under 10 girls team and under 16 boys team won the runners up and the fourth positions respectively.

The tournament came to a dramatic close with Mrs. Sujatha  Sivakrishnan, Principal UIS, who captured the audience's attention with her motivating and inspiring words.

The stage was also shared with luminaries Fr. Frank Don Bosco Oratory, Christopher Don Bosco Oratory,  Eugene Koshy President IBA Raghunathan Nair a prominent social figure, Abdul Aziz General Manager Al Nahil International Clinic, Advocate John Thomas manager UIS, Saji finance manager UIS and Koshy Abraham Vice President IBA

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