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IEI organizes family day
February 23, 2018, 12:09 am

The Institute of Engineers India (IEI) Kuwait Chapter held their annual mega family day event at a Wafra Farm on 9 February. The event aims to give members and their families an opportunity to meet each other. This year's event was attended by a large number of families with their children.

The day started off with the welcome to all the family members by the Chairman Egr Ajay Sharma. Then, a yoga class was conducted by the trainer Egr Mitra, who introduced the advantages of yoga and its benefits to the whole family. The live session of the yoga rejuvenated the families and made a good start.

Then the master of Ceremony Jaison started with family fun games for the children and the adults before the DJ Shanis performance and live music by Egr Tarun and Ray enthralled the family. The whole group was divided into 4 groups and each group had a leader. The teams participated in a Tug of war enthusiastically. 

After a sumptuous lunch, the evening session started off with the talent show organised by the ladies wing and the children, which was well coordinated by Kanika and Archana. The talents in the children were on display at the program. Many raffle draws were conducted and the winners were gifted with exciting prizes. 

The General Secretary Egr Thomas John thanked all the members who flocked to the venue for all the fun and frolic. A group photo session was also conducted after the vote of thanks by Egr Thomas John.

All appreciated the hot food served by Caesars restaurant at the venue and the day ended with the campfire and all of the members disbursed after having spent a quality day together.

The families appreciated the full day event and were happy with the games and funfair arranged by IEI, Kuwait chapter.



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