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IEI Kuwait Chapter visits KDD Factory at Sabhan
October 27, 2015, 12:17 pm

IEI Kuwait Chapter's Science Club visited KDD Factory at Sabhan Industrial Area, Kuwait, on 17 October, 2015 on Saturday. About 41 members, spouses and children were part of the group that saw the manufacture of various KDD products. The fully automated production line started from folding and the loading of an empty carton to the machine, filling the cartons with milk/cream /juice etc, fixing of caps, fixing of straws, packaging, wrapping and final crating  was a good learning experience.

The visit also helped to educate the group about the operation and function of various support equipments like HVAC systems, Electrical systems, Air-conditioning systems etc. Also part of the tour was the procedures of the warehousing and logistics of the plant.

The visit was arranged by the Executive committee member Anu Kurian and conducted by KDD Supervisor Sujitha Saji Mathew. Engr. Joesph Panicker, Past Chairman provided valuable technical guidance in explaining the various support services and the equipment involved in the procedures. All members and their families showed their appreciation for the entire visit.


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