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IEI Kuwait Chapter’s conducts 21st AGM-2015
August 20, 2015, 9:53 am

IEI conducted its 21st Annual General Meeting at the grandiose banquet hall in Holiday Inn down town, Sharq, Kuwait on Sunday,  2 August 2015. The proceedings were inaugurated at 6.30 pm with a technical seminar present by the Mr. G Hareendran, The Art of Living trainer. Engr. Anu Kurian gave a brief introduction about the speaker. The seminar presented many useful tips and notes towards heath care by simple exercises and thought process.
Former Indian President Dr. Abdul Kalam was remembered with lots of appreciation and honoured. Members were observed a minute of silence as a tribute to late Dr. Kalam.

The AGM proceeding was initiated by the chairman Engr. Joseph Panicker who detailed the vision and aims of Indian engineers residing in Kuwait. He requested all the members to actively participate in the events of IEI and make it a vibrant professional organization.

The General Secretary Dr. Mahendhran presented the annual report, detailing the various activities of the IEI Kuwait chapter during the period 2014-15. He elaborated on the Technical seminars, IEI Science club activities, IEI ladies wing activities, AMIE examinations etc. He further elaborated on the huge success of the 47th Engineers day celebrated at Arab Organization Fund Building which brought the Engineering fraternity together. The gala family day celebration provided an opportunity for the IEI member’s families to get together with fun and frolic and great entertainment. This report was passed unanimously after some discussion and clarifications.

The treasure Engr. S. Senthilkumar presented the Audited Annual account report which was audited by auditor Eng. Inabtamizh Ilangovan. The house passed the accounts after some queries were answered and clarified.

The Chairman dissolved the committee for the year 2014-15 and requested for the election of the new committee for the year 2015-16. The election committee was formed with the Dr.Abdul Razzak Rumane, Engr. Abby Chandy, Engr. Rishabh Nath. Nominations for the post of Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and Executive committee members were invited. Engr. Krishnan and Engr. Zaidi stood for the post of Chairman for the year 2015-16.

After the counting of votes casted by fellow Engineers, Engr. Krishnan was elected with 37 Votes. Engr. Zaidi got 17 votes. After the scrutiny of the ballot nominations filed by the election committee, it was announced by the chief election officer the following post was elected unanimously. Dr. Mahendhran as the General Secretary, Engr. Mitra as the Treasurer and the following Executive members Engr. Somasundaram, Engr. Thomas John, Engr. Ravishankar, Engr. Thomas Mathew, Engr. Ashok Kumar. The following members were elected with the declaration of getting Corporate Membership from IEI HQ at the earliest Engr. Shivamani, Engr. Pradeep Khanna, Engr. Karthikeyan, Engr. Shankar, Engr. Sam Ananth, Engr. Veerabhadra Rao, Engr. Anu Kurian and Engr. Inbatamizh Ilangovan was appointed as the Auditor for the year 2015-16.

The new committee of IEI for the period 2015-16 took charge with an address by the New Chairman Engr. Krishnan, making a passionate appeal to all members to join all the events organized by the IEI chapter to strength the organisation. The Chairman promised an exciting year 2015-16. After the vote of thanks by the GS Dr. Mahendhran, the event came to an end with a sumptuous dinner for its members. 

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