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IEI Kuwait Chapter honour KSE President
December 5, 2013, 9:17 am

The Institution of Engineers (India) Kuwait Chapter is pleased to announce that the Treasurer of IEI Kuwait Chapter Engr. Fareedul Imadi met Engr. Ayad Al Hamoud, President, Kuwait Society of Engineers at his office and handed over the memento for appreciation of his support to IEI Kuwait Chapter.

IEI Kuwait Chapter recently celebrated 46th Engineers’ Day which Engr. Ayad Al Hamoud could not attend due to his business visit to overseas. Engr. Fareedul Imadi also presented a copy of 46th Engineers’ Day Souvenir-2013 to Engr. Ayad Al-Hamoud in which his message was published.

IEI Kuwait Chapter is thanking the Kuwait Society of Engineers for their support and cooperation.

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