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IEI Kuwait Chapter conducts technical seminar
July 21, 2016, 9:41 am

The Institution of Engineers (India), Kuwait Chapter conducted a technical seminar titled, ‘How to develop a sustainable design and construction’ on 18 July at the auditorium of Kuwait Society of Engineers at Bneid Al Gar. The seminar was delivered by Dr. Abdul Razzak Rumane. Large numbers of members and guests attended the seminar.

A short film about The Institution of Engineers (India) was shown prior to start of the program.

Engr. Rishabh  Nath Jain, General Secretary, IEI Kuwait chapter welcomed guests and members, along with Dr. Sushil Kumar from Embassy of India, who was the Guest of  Honor. He gave a brief history of The Institution of Engineers (India) and various activities of the institution. He also talked about the activities of IEI, Kuwait chapter which are done in coordination with Kuwaiti authorities and Kuwait Society of Engineers. He explained about the AMIE examination which is conducted in Kuwait under the umbrella of Embassy of India. He requested all members for their cooperation and to attend such knowledge filled events in large numbers. New members who joined IEI Kuwait chapter were introduced to the audience.

Dr. Sushil Kumar, in his speech thanked IEI, Kuwait chapter for their invitation and conveyed greetings from H.E. Shri Sunil Jain, Ambassador of India to Kuwait to all the members. He appreciated IEI Kuwait chapter activities and role of Indian Engineers.

Engr. Mohandas Kamath, EC member in charge for Seminar introduced the speaker Dr. Rumane. 

Dr. Rumane as a Chairman of IEI Kuwait chapter welcomed all before starting the seminar. In his presentation, Dr. Rumane elaborated how to develop sustainable design and construction which is mainly interaction of environmental, economical, and social activities in a construction project. He detailed various tools, techniques, processes, and method which can be used in construction project during study stage, design stage, and construction stage. The presentation included various figures, tables and charts to make easy understanding. The session was interactive followed by Q&A session.

Engr. Mohandas thanked the speaker for the knowledge filled session and proposed vote of thanks. Dinner was served at the conclusion of seminar.

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