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IEI - Kuwait Chapter celebrates 47th Engineers’ Day and 20th Anniversary
November 26, 2014, 12:25 pm

The prestigious and the magnificent building in Kuwait – Arab Organization’s Head Quarters Building, situated in Shuwaikh, Kuwait, blends modern architectural techniques with traditional artisan crafts of various countries,  the Multi-functional Conference Hall is the Building's Largest Meeting Venue was chosen to celebrate the grand 47th Engineers’ Day & 20th Anniversary of IEI – Kuwait chapter on 9 November, 2014.

The multi-functional hall is furnished with black leather soft chairs and cherry wood tables and equipped with remote controlled programmable lighting and simultaneous translation services. Large hand-woven wall-hangings, designed by a Kuwaiti artist, depict Arab history and culture, while enhancing the room's acoustics. A carved wooden suspended ceiling incorporates subtle lighting, enhanced by the indirect light that filters through the marble screen. The traditional star design of the floor is repeated in the inlaid tops of the cherry wood tables.

The registration of the IEI members, guests and sponsors was done in a professional manner by the reception team - Engr. Krishnan, Engr. Somasundaram, Engr. Hirak Kumar Mitra and Mr. Ramesh, office secretary. All the members, guest and sponsors assembled in the multi-functional hall at 7.15 PM and the H.E. Sunil Jain, Ambassador of India and IEI patron along with the Chief Guest Engr. Ahmad  Almershed, Under Secretary, Ministry of State National Assembly, Kuwait and the Guest of Honor Dr. Manaf Behbehani, Asst. Professor, Kuwait University, Key Note speakers Engr. M.S. Ray and Mr. B.T. Srinivasa Rao were led to the Dias by Engr. Panicker, Chairman, IEI Kuwait chapter, Dr. Mahendhran, Gen. Secretary, Dr. Rumane Razzak, Ex-offico Chairman. The master of Ceremony Dr. Sabiha Bilgrami welcomed the dignitaries on to the stage and everybody was requested to stand up for the national anthems of Kuwait and India as mark of respect. As token of Love and affection flower bouquets were presented to the guest on dais.

His Excellency Sri. Sunil Jain was invited to inaugurate the event by lighting the ceremonial (electrical) lamp and all the dignitaries on dais joined him during the ceremony. Engr. Panicker, Chairman was requested to the podium to deliver his welcome speech. The Chairman explained in brief about IEI’s origin and its proud legacy, which was constituted by the Royal Charter in 1930. Chairman made a passionate appeal to all Engineers and Kuwaiti friends to “Make in India” and to “Educate in India” considering the strides India is making in all fields and the Indian Educational Institutions are providing quality education which our Kuwaiti friends can send their children to India for education. He stressed that Indian Engineering is world class, as Indians have displayed to the world by sending Chandrayaan and Mangalyaan by adapting to frugal Engineering at 1/10th cost of other successful missions. He welcomed the Ambassador of India H.E Sunil Jain to the event and thanked him for accepting the invitation and consenting to inaugurate the 47th Engineers’ Day celebrations and 20th Anniversary of IEI – Kuwait chapter in Kuwait. He welcomed the chief Guest Ahmad Almershed and thanked him for accepting IEI invitation to be the chief guest and for taking time to attend IEI Engineers’ Day every year. He also thanked the guest of Honour Dr. Manaf Behbhani for attending the function and he is always very special to the Indian Engineers and dear to the Indian people. He thanked the two key note speakers for their efforts taken to make their presentation on the 47th Engineers’ Day theme “Making Indian Engineering World Class”.

The souvenir for the 47th Engineers Day and 20th Anniversary day was released by the Ambassador and the first copy was received by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries on the dais.H.E Sri. Sunil Jain the Ambassador of India was requested to address the august gathering. Ambassador appreciated the good efforts exerted by Indian Engineers in Kuwait and advised that the Engineers should facilitate to develop good relations between Kuwait and India. He stated Indian Engineers have exceled in many fields and the theme of the 47th Engineer’ Day is very fitting in the current context. He reminded the Indian Prime Minister’s call of “Make in India”. He said Indian companies have won major contracts in Kuwait and this is recognition to Indian Engineering capabilities & efficiencies.

The Chief Guest Engr. Ahmad  Almershed appreciated the contribution of the Indian Engineers for development of Kuwait. He further stated that he will always attend Engineers’ Day Function celebrated by IEI on invitation and will occupy his old chair of Guest of Honour. Guest of Honour Dr. Manaf Behbehani spoke extempore winning the hearts and smiles of all the members in the multi-purpose hall. He mentioned that he was wondering what was the secret of success of Indians in various fields like Science, Mathematics, IT, Space Technology, Medicine etc.  He found that the secret is the value Indians give for education, parents sacrifice their entire lives for providing good education to their children and because of that education today Indians are what they are. He reminded everybody not to forget the sacrifices of their “parents” and their “country” which has made them what they are and have to take care of them. This statement has touched everybody in the audience and a loud applause followed, tears were wiped by few who became little emotional on hearing the above reminder.  

The key note speaker Engr. M.S. Ray provided an excellent presentation on the theme opening with the Indus Valley Civilization architecture to the modern Mangalyaan – Mars Orbiter which represents the world class Engineering by Indians.  He depicted his plan of making Indian Engineering World Class, if there is a right mix of Education, Leadership. The second key note speaker Mr. B T Srinivasa Rao presented his ideas about Making Indian Engineering World Class mentioning about the education system, infrastructure and basic amenities have to be improved. He elaborated on - Think globally head of time, act locally, From Control to Collaborate, Socially Responsible Engineering, Education and Training. His view points were critical and provided a different thought process.

Dr. Manaf Behbehani honoured all the Committee members of the previous committee and the presenters of the seminars by awarding mementos in appreciation of their efforts and services. Er. Ahmad Almershed presented mementos to the Golden Sponsors KEC- Mr. Rajan Peter and Silver Sponsor Al-Mulla Exchange Co. – Mr. John Simon in recognition of their support to IEI Kuwait Chapter.

Dr. Mahendhran, General Secretary proposed Vote of thanks wherein he thanked the Ambassador, patron of IEI Kuwait Chapter for inaugurating the Engineer’s Day and participating in the celebrations.  He thanked the Chief Guest Engr. Ahmad Almershed and Guest of Honour Dr. Manaf Behbehani for gracing the occasion and addressing the Engineers’. He thanked the chairman Mr. Abdellatif Al- Hamad, Director General/Chairman, Arab Fund Organisation and his team of Engineers for providing the prestigious multi-purpose hall and the premises for conducting the 47th Engineers’ Day and 20th anniversary function in a very grand and professional manner. He also thanked the Golden sponsor, Silver sponsor and all sponsors for supporting IEI activities in Kuwait. Dr. Mahendhran thanked the press and media for providing news coverage for the event. The MCs Ms. Sabiha Bilgrami, Ms. Bharati Tewari, Ms. Bhagyashri, Ms. Subha were provided mementos in recognition of their services, by IEI Chairman Engr. Joseph Panicker. The function ended in a very ceremonious manner and the curtains were drawn to close at 9.30 pm. Everybody was invited for a sumptuous, exotic dinner, at the sparkling, beautifully decorated mezzanine floor of the building, which was served exclusively by Mughal Mahal. All the members while returning collected their copy of the 47th Engineers’ Day & 20th Anniversary Souvenir along with a wall clock memento from Al Mulla Exchange Company.

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