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IEI - Kuwait Chapter Celebrates “46th Engineers’ Day”
November 27, 2013, 10:36 am

The evening was cozy, cool winds were blowing across the country and the clouds were drifting, thinking whether to drizzle or not so as not to distract the Indian Engineers who were assembling at the prestigious Arab Fund Organizations Headquarters’ Building, One of the most exciting examples of innovative architecture to emerge in Kuwait, to celebrate their 46th Engineers Day celebrations Organized by Institution of Engineers (India) Kuwait Chapter. People need to see and enjoy the beauty and splendour of this majestic HQ’s Building, as stated in their website, Arab Fund Organization HQ building serves as a modern, highly functional office building and a national landmark. Here modern technology has been adapted to the culture of the countries it represented; the building represents a celebration of traditional Arabic artisan skills.

The Function started at 7.35 PM, just 5 minutes later than the scheduled time as the dignitaries were rushing to the venue swaying past the traffic of Kuwait. The Indian classical instrument music played before the start of the function was very soothing and has cooled the nerves of all. The programme commenced with the playing of the National Anthem of Kuwait and India and all stood up in a patriotic fervor. The Master of Ceremony invited the chairman Dr. Abdul Razak Rumane to read out the Engineer’s Oath, which all the Engineers stood and took the oath. In his welcome speech, Dr. Rumane briefed the long history of IEI and proudly announced that it’s the only Day that is celebrated in the honour of Engineers. Sir Visvesvaraya, an outstanding Engineer and Statesman, Bharath Ratana Awardee, evolved the guidelines for celebrating the Engineers’ Day accordingly every year IEI celebrates the Engineers’ Day with a central theme of national importance that is chosen and deliberated at various IEI’s centers. The theme for this year’s Engineers’ day function is: “Frugal Engineering:  Achieving More with Fewer Resources”.

The Dignitaries H.E. Subhasis Goldar, Deputy Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy Kuwait, The Chief Guest Chief Guest Engr. Abdul Asif Al Kulaib,  Under Secretary, MPW, Kuwait,  could not attend due to his official commitments at the Arab Conference and his Representative Engr. Ahmed Saad Al Saleh, Director of Under Secretary office, Ministry of Public Works attended, Kuwait, the keynote speaker of the same article Dr. Ali Yousef Al Ayadi, Head of Technical Committee for Conservation in Govt. Sector, Kuwait and Engr. Ferouze Hajimahomed  Miller of IEI second speaker on the theme article, the Guest of Honor Dr. Manaf Behbehani. Assistant Professor at Kuwait University, Dr. Rumane, Chairman of IEI Kuwait Chapter and Engr.

Karunagaran, General Secretary of IEI Kuwait Chapter, were invited on to the dais to take their seats and as a token of love, affection and respect they were all presented with flower bouquets. All the dignitaries were requested to assemble near the lamp for the inauguration and the Deputy Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy inaugurated the function by switching the (lighting) electric lamp to demonstrate the auspicious beginning by spreading the light and brightness in every body’s life. On the lighter vein, the lighting of the electric lamp instead of the traditional oil wicked lamp was much appreciated by the dignitaries as technology advancement and frugal Engineering.

The Chief Guest released the 46th Engineers’ Day Souvenir and the first copy was handed over to the Deputy Chief of the Mission, Indian Embassy Kuwait and all the dignitaries were given their copy with which they all posed for photographs with Army discipline.

The MC requested the H.E. Subhashis Goldar to address the August gathering of Engineers. The DCM congratulated the Engineers for celebrating the Engineers’ Day with such Enthusiasm and for choosing a relevant topic as the central theme for the celebration, which is the essence of the hour Frugal Engineering. As a token of appreciation, Dr. Rumane presented a memento to the DY. Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy Kuwait. The Golden Sponsors Combined Group Contracting Co and KEC were thanked profusely for their Continuous support to IEI - Kuwait Chapter and a memento was presented to them. Engr. Jose Murikan, one of the founder members of the Kuwait chapter and the ex- chairman of the IEI Committee, who is leaving Kuwait to settle in India after many years of glorious services as GM at Bader Mulla, was honored for his services rendered the IEI

The Key Note Speaker Dr. Ali Yousef Al Ayadi, started off his theme article presentation with a poser question, if you love your mother, lift your hand. Everybody in the audience lifted their hands and got involved in the presentation. Dr. Ali Ayadi, explained frugal Engineering in simple terms and requested that Frugal Engineering is the way in conservation and for sustainable growth for the future. He explained in simple terms by using a basic model of Nokia mobile phone and comparing it with smart phones (Apple iPhone, Smasung and the TATA’s Nano car to his Cadillac car how frugal Engineering can be used to conserve the limited resources of the mother earth. Engineers enjoyed the presentation which was made with smooth flow, as he is a specialist trainer, he could carry the audience with much deft and ease thorough his presentation and conveyed the theme in a crystal clear manner. As a token of appreciation Dr. Ali Yousef Al Ayadi was presented with a memento for his exhilarating presentation by Engr. Ahmed Saad Al Saleh, Director of Under Secretary office, Ministry of Public Works, Kuwait.

The Second Speaker Engr. Ferouze Hajimahomed Miller was equally exciting with his presentation, he elaborated on the theme in a Desi manner highlighting the Nano car inspiration of the Engr. Ratan Tata to provide a car for US$ 2,000 with the required features and the common man had more with fewer resources. He candidly explained the three monkey’s story of Mahatma Gandhi of “See no Evil, Speak no Evil, and Listen No Evil”. He said if fugal Engineering is used one Monkey itself can “See no Evil, Speak no Evil, and Listen No Evil”. That is more for less and also explained with illustrations of with less, more and more. The Indian craftsmen practiced Frugal Engineering in a great way by serving mankind with the “Jaipur wooden foot” at a low cost that supported millions of people who have lost their leg (s) in a land mine explosion or in an accident. Engr. Miller mentioned that the latest Mission to orbit was the highlight of Frugal Engineering were the project cost is just 88 million dollars as compared to the US mission which is 3 to 4 times costlier and with more resources.

The Guest of honor Dr. Manaf Behbehani made a brief speech but was powered packed with his appreciation for the Indian Engineers for their ingenuity and creativity and the audience enjoyed his lighter remarks. All the Executive members, who served in the IEI - Kuwait chapter committee during the year 2012-13 were presented with mementos for the selfless services rendered to members IEI Kuwait chapter and for furthering the advancement of Science and technology and Engr. Md. Fareedul Haq Imadi was presented a memento for presentation of a seminar during the period by the H.E. Subhashis Goldar.

The Vote of thanks was proposed by Engr. Karunagaran and he thanked everyone for their support in making the 46th Engineers day a grand success. The Four eloquent ladies who served as Master of ceremonies, Dr. Sabiha Bilgrami, Ms. Bharathi Tiwari, Ms. Subha SenthilKumar and Ms. Bhagyashri were presented with mementos by the H.E. Subhashis Goldar. The cover page designer of the 46th Engineers’ Day Souvenir, Ms. Sara Rose Jarvis was presented with a memento. 

For the theme article written by Dr. Sabiha Bilgrami, Engr. Ranjith K. Ramanath and Engr. Shakeel Mohammad, which was published in the souvenir, were presented with gifts in recognition of their efforts and talent by Dr. Manaf Behbehani. The Arab Fund Organization was presented with a memento by H.E. Goldar and it was received by Engr. Osama Wanas on behalf of the chief of Arab Fund organization for their patronage to IEI – Kuwait and for allowing to use their elegantly designed multi- purpose seminar hall.  The attending Sponsors, guests and the fellow Engineers among the audience were magnificent, maintaining their poise and grace throughout the proceedings and this gave high credentials to the celebrations.

The event was well organized by the executive members and the support group members to the satisfaction of all. The dining,  hall management and the Dias  management were done with surgical precision without wasting precious time, which was to the great pleasure to the participants and including the officials of the Arab Fund Organization were all appreciation, for maintaining the decorum of the unique & traditional hall. The event closed 5 minutes earlier than the scheduled time to compensate the late start. All were invited to the dining hall for a delicious dinner served by Mughal Mahal restaurant, which everyone relished as it satiated their taste buds.

The clouds cleared and everybody reached their home safely with a happy smile on the faces, for one more Engineers’ Day was celebrated by IEI Kuwait Chapter with its technical excellence and pomp.

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