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IEI – Kuwait Chapter conducts technical seminar for members
April 9, 2015, 10:38 pm

The  Institution of Engineers of India (IEI) Kuwait Chapter organized a technical Seminar on “Piping Line Integrity Management System” with speaker Er. Abhilash Rajan  talking to a large gathering of learned Engineers at Holiday Inn, Downtown Sharq on 30 March 2015.

The IEI Kuwait Chapter Chairman, Er. Joseph Panicker welcomed the gathering and explained the activities of IEI to the gathering.  This was followed by bouquet presentation to the speaker by Chairman and the speaker was invited to begin his address.

The speaker, Er. Abhilash Rajan, a Senior Sales Engineer in Hydra Tight Limited, Kuwait, explained how the small leaks in the pipelines carrying oil can bring about huge losses in the industry and the ways in which they can be prevented through the joint integrity management system. 

He shared lot of data and substantiated everything with suitable examples and diagrams.  The one- hour session was truly a thought-provoking one and provided practical solutions to the problems faced by mechanical Engineers on a daily basis.  The experience was very enriching for the Engineers of IEI. 

The presentation was followed by question hour and the queries posed by the Engineers were well clarified by the speaker Er. Abhilash. The interactions were technical in nature and helped all to widen their scope of understanding.

The speaker Er. Abhilash Rajan was presented with a memento as a token of appreciation for sharing his experience and knowledge with IEI members by the Chairman Er. Joseph Panicker, Dr. Mahendhran, General Secretary and Er. I.Ilangovan.

The meeting concluded with the proposal of Vote of thanks by Dr. Mahendhran, General Secretary. The proceedings were hosted with all the grace by Ms. Sujatha Elangovan, as the Master of Ceremonies.

Delicious dinner followed and the crowd dispersed with a fulfilled feeling.


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