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IDF to conduct Health Quiz for Indian high school students
November 17, 2015, 5:29 pm

IDF Health quiz is an annual event held for Indian high school students to test their knowledge of health-related issues. With this quiz, the Indian Doctors Forum aims to encourage students to delve into various health issues in the current world and rouse their interest in health care as a career choice. The registration for the event is through the schools and winning school gets a Rolling trophy.

Every year the quiz comes up with tougher questions and more challenging rounds. This is the 6th quiz and this year promises a lot of thrill and excitement. There is already a flurry of activity in the quizzing community in anticipation of this event.

The 6th Inter School IDF health Quiz organized by Indian Doctors Forum, Kuwait

Date: 20/11/2015
Venue: Indian Embassy Auditorium
Time: 4.00 pm are the written prelims and 5:00pm quiz finals onstage

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