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IDF organizes sports day for members and their families
June 4, 2016, 11:49 am

Indian Doctors Forum (IDF), a premier social organization, conducted its sports day at Al-Dabbous stadium for its members and their families on 6 May. 

Dr. Vinod Grover President of IDF welcomed the gathering. Dr. Arvind Rao assisted by Dr. Manish Rijwani and Dr. Nazim Parker conducted a table tennis tournament for men, women and children.

Dr. Anantapriya, Dr. Grace Alex, Dr. Ambaland  and other volunteers conducted musical chair, throwing the ball in a bag and lemon and spoon race for children, and a three legged race for couples.

Dr. Vivek Wani and Dr. Senthil conducted team games of volley ball for men and throw ball for women according to the color of the T shirt allotted to them. 

A Tug of War was conducted separately for men and women and towards the end, prizes were distributed. Following lunch, a game of Bingo was played, conducted by Dr. Sameer. The day ended with members showing their dance skills to popular Bollywood tunes.

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