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IDF-OI allows overseas Indians to support India’s Social Development
November 24, 2015, 2:11 pm

The Government of India, under the Chair of Hon’ble Minister of External Affairs and Overseas Indian Affairs has set up an India Development Foundation of Overseas Indians (IDF-OI),  a not-for-profit trust,  with a view  to provide a credible window for Overseas Indian Philanthropy in India’s Social Development.

The IDF-OI is presently promoting Government of India's flagship programmes – “Swachh Bharat Mission” and “National Mission for Clean Ganga”. It is also seeking contribution from overseas Indians for projects in different States being implemented by State Governments agencies. IDF-OI is focussing its efforts on enhancing engagement with the Indian Diaspora and increasing its outreach.  The objectives of the Trust are:
• Lead overseas Indian philanthropy into India;
• Establish and maintain a 'Social Capital and Philanthropy Network' in India that can provide a list of credible institutions, projects and programmes;
• Partner with States in India and encourage credible Indian philanthropic organizations; and
• Promote accountability and 'good practices' in Diaspora philanthropy.

The IDF-OI is also partnering with the State Governments in India to select projects identified by the State Governments in India and seek overseas Indians’ engagement with these projects.  Indian Diaspora can also contribute through IDF-OI, to projects identified by the State Governments. Overseas Indians can select project in totality or an individual component of a project or multiple components, as per state or sector of preference.

AIDF-OI will provide regular reports to the contributors about implementation of projects to which they have made contributions.  Further details of the projects are available at IDF-OI’s website

The Embassy invites all Indians in Kuwait to connect with IDF-OI for engagement with these projects and to work for social development across the country.

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