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IDC introduces 3-Tesla machine for hi-tech scanning
October 22, 2016, 4:31 pm

Images Diagnostic Clinic (IDC) was accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) with the Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE). This international recognition, the first for a clinic in the Middle-East, attests to the best-quality imaging practices and diagnostic care provided at IDC.

Recently, the General Manager at Images Diagnostic Center Dr. Yahya Slaiman sat down with The Times Kuwait to talk about the quality-care and services provided at the clinic with the help of the new Stress Cardiac MRI Scan machine.

When a patient has chest pains that are typical of a cardiac problem, but diagnoses using regular tests reveal no abnormal signs, then the Stress Cardiac MRI Scan has become the standard method in developed countries to delve into the person’s underlying cardiac issues.  The process involved in Stress Cardiac MRI Scan is simple and it is quite easy to discover a person’s cardiac problem by examining the various areas of the heart following artificial stress stimulation in the heart using chemicals, said Dr. Slaiman.

With this machine, practitioners can examine the blood flow through the heart muscle and understand how well the muscle is working.  They can check to see if there are any blockages, cardiac infractions and weakness in heart muscles and problems associated with heart contraction, as well as observe the functioning of the heart and the quality of the cardiac muscles. If there are constrictions or other obstructions, then the practitioner can access the reasons for it and treat the patient accordingly.  “The machine works quickly,” says Dr. Slaiman, “and it has other advantages, including increased safety, no radiation and the ability to detect cardiac problems early on.” 

Expanding on some of the reasons why a patient would prefer a Stress Cardiac MRI scan, Dr. Slaiman said, “Many patients have complained of bad experiences on other MRI scanning machines, with disturbing noise, confined space and extended time duration.”

He went on to say that the new model, 3-Tesla solves all these problems as it provides a quieter atmosphere which helps the patient relax, wider space which is beneficial for claustrophobic patients and shorter scan durations, which is exactly what the patient needs. These procedures are easy, harmless and quick, and do not put any form of pressure on the patient.”

He further added that a large number of patients have undergone the Stress Cardiac MRI scan and till date the reaction has been positive. “We have had professional sportspersons, as well as many major companies and insurance companies referring their patients to our clinic.”

Providing some suggestions to improve the radiology field in Kuwait, he said, “According to me, the radiology department in Kuwait hospitals and clinics are doing their best. There are a number of national and international conferences taking place here, which help spread ideas and benefit doctors and hospital in many ways.”

He further revealed that IDC will be hosting an international conference and workshop on cardiac imaging in Kuwait in November of this year. He noted that the world famous French cardiac radiologist Dr. Laurant Macron will be participating in the event and that the conference will be held at the Marina Hotel on 5 November, while the workshop will be held the next day at the IDC in Jabriya.

Elaborating on ways that Kuwait can improve its healthcare system, he said, “I believe the best way to improve healthcare is to help expand private healthcare. Growth in private sector medical care will lead to competition and according to me; competition in medical sector is good, because it will lead to providing the best services for patients.”

Speaking about his future plans for IDC, Dr. Slaiman said he has the 7-Tesla in mind. “Our present MRI machines show us the parts of the body, but with 7-Tesla, we can see the patient’s bodily functions, which in turn will help better detect problems, for instance Alzheimer’s at an earlier stage. With 7-Tesla we will be able to provide the best healthcare a patient deserves.

- Nikita Ferrao
Staff Writer

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