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ICSK students discuss school trip
December 17, 2018, 5:23 pm

The Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) crossed new horizons when two international tours were conducted in the academic year. Students set forth on a journey to NASA on 23 October and to Singapore on 27 October, along with their teachers-in-charge and respective tour guides. The former arrived back in Kuwait on 30th October 2018 and the latter returned on 2nd November 2018. The specialty of this year’s tour was the formation of various committees such as reporting committee , photography committee, cultural  committee and discipline committee, which was aimed at enhancement of  confidence in students to perform tasks independently.

On 3 December, the ICSK management invited the parents and students of the tour for a feedback and benediction session. The tour coordinator Mr. Jacob George welcomed the august gathering which included the Honorary Chairman, Shaik Abdul Rahiman, the Honorary Secretary Mr. Amer Mohammed, Principal (Senior) Dr. V.Binumon, Principal (Amman)  Rajesh Nair, Vice Principals, parents, teachers and  students. He shared the proud moment of the two-leg tour that was a venture of the ICSK and a dream-turned-reality of the ICSK management.

Senior Administrator and Principal, Dr V. Binumon addressed the gathering and applauded the efforts of the parents and students for the successful involvement and completion of the tour. He affirmed that such educational tours help students acquire essential skills like communication and leadership. A power point presentation brought nostalgic memories to the students.

Students were honored with participation certificates. The Best Tour Projects were awarded with mementos. Miss Rashida Mannan Sanjeliwala, Miss Manasa Sathish and Master Pranav Manikandan won the leads for the Best Project Reports on Singapore trip and Master Fuad Farhan Merchant, Miss Ayat Akhtar Rizvi and Master Paul Dheeraj won the same for the NASA tour.

Master Meet Shah, Miss Pearlyn Nair and Miss Srilakshmi Annapurna delightedly recounted their excitement as they walked and drove through Mars through virtual and motion simulation in NASA and their amazement as they visited one of Hollywood's famous parks - the Universal Studios. Master Nanda Krishnan, Miss Ayisha Wafiyath and Miss Tanya Christine Suares shared the unforgettable memories as they went on a Night Safari at the world's first nocturnal zoo in Singapore and their awe as they witnessed the variety and beauty of the sea creatures that dwelled at the South East Asia aquarium.  This session was quite fruitful as it gave an insight into the knowledge and skills acquired by the travelers of the tour. The parents were delighted for their wards who were provided with unforgettable memories and a lifetime's worth of knowledge through travelling. The evening jamboree concluded with a sumptuous dinner.


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