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ICSK organizes its 41st annual Sports Day
November 17, 2015, 3:34 pm

The 41st Annual Sports Meet of the Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK), held on Friday, 13 November 2015 at Kheifan Stadium, was the most awaited grand event of the year. The Ambassador of India to Kuwait H.E. Sunil Jain was the chief guest and Said Mubarak Al Muthairy, Retired Brigadier General  was the guest of honour for this function.

The meet organized on such a large scale turned out to be a great triumph. The glittering opening ceremony commenced with the recital of versus from Holy Quran. Thereafter, the chief guest Ambassador Jain hoisted the school flag. He was accompanied by the guest of honour Said Mubarak Al Muthairy and S.K. Wadhavan, Honorary Chairman, ICSK,  Vijay Karayil, Honorary Secretary, ICSK, Head of the Sports Committee Binoy Thomas, other board members and Principals of all ICSK schools. It was followed by a well organized and admirably disciplined March Past where the school marched in perfect co-ordination, in time with the beats of the Brass Band. Undoubtedly, the most solemn part of  the ceremony was the Relay of the Torch by the school’s noteworthy  sportspersons.

All students were sworn in with an oath which was conducted by the sports captain. The Indian Ambassador then declared the Annual Sports Meet open amidst thunderous applause by releasing balloons in the air. The convener of the Meet K.G. Shirsath, The Principal of ICSK Khaitan welcomed the eminent guests, members of the board and the entire gathering.

 S.K. Wadhvan , Hon. Chairman of ICSK highlighted the achievements of sports and congratulated all for their success in sports through his presidential address. The declamation of Guest of Honour, Said Mubarak Al Muthairy was highly inspiring as he narrated his own experiences relating his student life to the students. It was superseded by the inaugural speech by the chief guest the Indian Ambassador whose words of wisdom were inspiring to the students and set the tone for the day.

The most awaited event of the day was a spellbinding fusion of dance drill with Yoga and Aerobics put up by over six hundred students from all four ICSK schools, highlighting the theme ‘We are one and unique’. It casted exceptional radiance to the event.  A well-synchronized and thrilling Karate display aroused the hibernating spirit of the spectators. 

All displays drew hearty applause from the crowd, a fitting appreciation for weeks of hard work. As the students’ wild cheers filled the air, the athletes, with grit and determination, raced to achieve victory and glory for their respective houses. The sports achievers of the year were awarded trophies, medals and certificates by the eminent guests on the day.

It was the most meritorious part of the programme as the cameras flashed to capture the winners on victory stand who climbed it with pride and pleasure. Towards the end, Principal of ICSK Amman Rajesh Nair proposed cordial vote of thanks. He further complimented the students, teachers and all staff  as without their efforts the event could not have been successful. Finally, the Meet was closed by lowering of the flag after which all gathered dispersed with sigh and satisfaction.

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