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ICSK launches mobile application and web portal
February 10, 2018, 10:29 am

The Indian Community School, Kuwait (ICSK) has launched its web portal and mobile application, ICSK Cloud for parents and students. This is the latest initiative by the school to introduce technology into the education system. The mobile application provides easy access to all student-related matters, both academic and non-academic. ICSK is the first Indian school in Kuwait to launch a mobile application available both in the Android & IOS platforms along with a web portal. Parents can use the same password to access both for information. Both the mobile application and web portal are personalized for parents and protected by user id and password.

In the fast-paced modern world, it is difficult for the parents to reach the school all the time to learn about the progress of their ward. The school is launching a mobile app & a web portal as they can be good tools to help the parents manage their children comfortably. The app gives a parent all the details about their child quickly.  Parents / students can access information like academic reports, reference material, homework, assignments, document sharing, notifications, school bus tracking, online fees payment and the latest news from the school. Through this, parents can get firsthand information about their wards anywhere in the world.

There are separate mobile applications for the parents and teachers. The teachers can use the application to track student attendance, share and track assignments, share study materials, provide links to useful web resources, lesson plans and collaboration facilities with other teachers, messaging parents and online grade entry. This application aids in minimizing the workload of teachers as they can access it anywhere and helps them manage their time efficiently. They can also submit their daily activities in class logs and personal logs through this application.

The software gives restricted access to users based on role definition and prepares comprehensive and customizable reports for academics and finance. ICSK Cloud application and web portal will create a strong relationship between the school and parents, which will help the overall development of the students.

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