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ICSK holds Self-Governance Day
September 27, 2018, 8:39 am

Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) School Senate presented a spectacular program displaying their respect and dedication to teachers on Self-Governance Day, which was held on 24 September.

During the event the traditional roles were reversed, and senior students became teachers for a day.  Under the leadership of Student Senate President, Mosses Kurian, the school senate took over the functioning of the day.

The President rendered a speech of gratitude to the teachers and school-management, honoring the hard-work and dedication they directed towards the students. He also extended his best wishes to all the 12th graders who would be taking up the role of teachers for the day.

Various entertaining activities were organized for the teachers in the auditorium, including an exemplary dance performance by U.D. Stephen. A video presentation by the students thanking all the teachers for their work and support touched the hearts of the audience.

The student-teachers were organized into groups of two and each person was given the freedom to choose their own topic for the session. Each ‘student-teacher’ was evaluated on their teaching and professional skills by a set of evaluators.

The day proved to be resourceful and each student experienced the art of teaching, filling their hearts with gratitude towards the teachers who nurtured them in their academic life.

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