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ICSK extends generosity to the needy
December 16, 2017, 3:11 pm

Birthdays and special occasions have adopted a new meaning at the Indian Community School (Senior) Kuwait (ICSK), students are furnished with the symbolic master key to success through the opportunity to make voluntary donations through ICSK’s novel charity program. Charity boxes in every classroom are managed by student charity conveners who report to the Charity committee, made up of five school teachers, five students and five parent members.

The records of the funds are made transparent and published in the ICSK Senior monthly magazine ‘EPICS’. Staff members and students cheerfully contribute from their own pocket, and this fund is distributed to needy Cancer patients on a monthly basis. These patients, identified by the Kuwait Cancer Center, are invited to the school and proffered this financial assistance in the school assembly. Up until now, a sum total of Rs. 27 lakh has been provided to underprivileged patients struggling against the harrowing costs of medical treatment in Kuwait.

On 6 December, 2017 witnessed philanthropy at work in the ICSK Senior school assembly, where Chintamani Lakshmi,  Nish Abdul Rahman, Arshad Ali Mohd,  Siriyani Kusumalatha,  Mohd Shamsul Huda and Suraiyabanu Sayed received an amount of KD 150/- each from the total donation of 900/-. The benefaction on behalf of the school stirred empathy in the students, who strive toward altruistic and humanitarian motives every day.

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