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ICSK board resigns, paves way for good governance
May 14, 2016, 4:36 pm

The Indian Community School board resigned last week paving the way for an early solution to the ongoing crises that had gripped the Indian community after the board was dismissed by the sponsor last month.

The entire board of 22 members including council of elders tendered their resignation to the Indian ambassador H E Sunil Jain on Wednesday, resolving what could have been a long legal battle between the two sides. In their letter to the sponsor they thanked him for his valuable continuing service to the Indian community and claimed they had no intention to initiate any legal proceedings.

The board’s resignation, several of whom including the council of elders have overstayed their tenure gives the Indian ambassador and members of the community an opportunity to come together to create a new system of good governance and avoid mistakes of the past.

There is an urgent need to revamp the operation systems and create a new more transparent process of governance that will be acceptable to all the stakeholders of the school. The sponsor has also supported the Indian embassy’s initiatives to bring about this change.

An interim committee of five members set up by the sponsor to review allegations of financial mismanagement will pursue their task and will continue with their investigations.

Meanwhile several groupings of Indian associations had presented a memorandum last week to Indian ambassador seeking his intervention in the formation of a new adhoc board including a new constitution committee and a social and financial audit committee to ensure fair and impartial investigations.

The Save ICSK Forum has also decided to make an online signature campaign related to the memorandum by several registered Indian associations so that Indian Ambassador is entrusted to act on behalf of the community.

Thomas Mathew Kadavil, General Convenor of the Save ICSK Forum requested all Indian community members, parents, teachers and students to sign the memorandum online through the website designed for this purpose on

Indian ambassador along with the sponsor have assured that the welfare of the students and teaching staff is of top most priority and nothing will be done to disturb the functioning of the institution.

The school has been in operation for more than 57 years and is one of the largest and oldest Indian schools in the region with more 6800 students in its four branches.

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