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ICSK board resigns
May 11, 2016, 2:07 pm

Indian Community School Board resigned on Wednesday after the recent dispute between the sponsor and the board erupted over allegations of mismanagement, financial allegations, violation of the constitution, no action taken to teachers complaints, overstaying of their tenure by elders and the board members.

The crises first erupted in March when the sponsor locked out the board temporarily and then dismissed them completely in April following the boards lack of response to the allegations, pressure from the community and counter allegations against the sponsor.

The sponsor had immediately inducted a five member Audit committee from the Indian community to investigate all allegations leveled against the board. 

The strong resentment among the Indian community for long time about the BoTs functioning and the board’s indifference to community concerns led to their eventual dismissal.

In view of the above circumstances,  member of Indian community present a memorandum to President of India, The Prime Minister of India, Minister of External Affairs, and Minister of HRD requesting them  to give needed mandate forthwith to the Ambassador of India, H E Mr. Sunil Jain to intervene in this matter on behalf of the Indian Community in Kuwait for an permanent solution to the present crisis.

The Save ICSK Forum had decided to make an online signature campaign related to the memorandum by all the registered associations under Indian Embassy and all the Indian community members.  All Indian community members, parents, teachers, students are requested to sign the memorandum online through the website specially designed for this purpose: SAVEICSK.COM


  • We request the Government of India and Indian Ambassador to intervene in the present predicament keeping the best interest of the Indian Community in Kuwait. 
  • Necessary mandate should be given to the Indian Ambassador to act in this matter on behalf of the Government of India and Indian Community in Kuwait.
  • An Adhoc Board of Trustees should be constituted by the Indian Embassy forthwith to govern the school with immediate effect with due representation of the Indian Community for an interim period of one year in order to have a democratically elected BoT to take over the charge of the school from May 1st 2017. 
  • A Constitution Committee should be formed under the auspices of the Indian Embassy to revamp the ICSK constitution were many anomalies and lacunae occurred due to the tampering of the constitution from time to time by the ICSK BoT to suite to their requirements and the new constitution should be published in the School website to uphold democracy and transparency of the Constitution. 
  • Impartial Social Audit and Financial Audit Committees should be constituted under the Indian Embassy regarding the allegations of irregularities and misappropriations leveled against the BoT by the sponsor and the various Indian community organizations. Legal recourse should be taken based on its report and recommendations. 
  • The Indian Embassy and the Adhoc board should ensure that the land gifted to the ICSK by Honorable Kuwait Government, as a humanitarian gesture remains as the property of Indian Community and ICSK as its rightful owner, before any type of construction activities and allotment of fund for the new school construction. 
  • The government of India should ensure that about 3 million Kuwaiti Dinars presently in the school fund should not be operated by anybody other than BOT. Funds of the ICSK should be overseen by the Indian Embassy until such time an Adhoc board is entrusted with task of administration of the school and its funds.   
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Sunilkumar Meleveettil  Posted on : May 12, 2016 7:41 am
ICSK schools are having good name in Kuwait. We would like to solve this issue and we are requesting beloved governent to solve this issue.

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