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ICSK board refutes allegations of vice-chairman
May 4, 2014, 9:59 am

School on right track with series of measures to benefit students

The Indian Community School Kuwait (ICSK) board is expected to implement a series of measures to improve its image with the Indian community after its previous vice-chairman Rajan Daniel has made some accusations against the present board.

After a major financial scandal was discovered by the community 14 years ago over the previous board, a new board was formed and Mr. Daniel took over as secretary of the board at that time. He later became the vice-chairman and even though the school constitution had stipulated terms for members he continued to remain in the board.

Speaking to the media, ICSK Chairman Ashok Kalra assured the community that the school has been on the right track all these years and the vice-chairman Mr. Daniel was voted out of the board in a democratic way, along with another board member Dr. Narayan Nampoory.

He dismissed allegations made by the former vice-chairman after being voted out as unfortunate and baseless but added that he had played his part in the growth of the school. Mr. Kalra also praised Mr. Nampoory’s contribution to the school and thanked him for his efforts.Regarding the voting process Mr. Kalra pointed out that 2 members are voted out (retired) every year and two new members are inducted as per the constitution. This year too, the process was followed in the presence of an Indian embassy official who was present during the voting.

Several community members expressed satisfaction at the democratic ouster of Mr. Daniel, who was not considered popular for his autocratic functioning in the board.
Better salary for teachers, new school buildings, access to the new constitution, new curricula and more transparency in the running of the school, have long been a demand of the community and it is expected the present board will be fulfilling these requirements for better running of the school.

Mr. Kalra also noted the several achievements the school has made in academics and sports with some outstanding results achieved by the students. The school has also set up an endowment fund to ensure that students from weaker sections of the community are not left behind or denied education.

Commenting on the land given to the school by the government of Kuwait in Mahboula, Mr. Kalra thanked the leadership of Kuwait for such a generous gesture and pointed out that this was the first time in the history of Kuwait that land had been granted to an Indian school in the country.  Elaborating, he said around 10,000 sq metres of land with an approval to construct 8000 sq metres has been granted. The branch is expected to be ready by 2017 with most modern facilities on its premises.

The school management will appoint a permanent project manager to oversee construction of the new school building and the school plans to retain all the branches and Mahboula branch will be fifth branch, he pointed out. The ICSK board of trustees consist of 12 members including chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, joint secretary and treasurer, two ex-student members and five members of the parent advisory council. In addition there is a five member council of elders to advise the board.

Around 6,800 students study in the four branches of the ICSK which was founded in 1959, formerly known as Indian School Kuwait (ISK). The school has a staff strength of 456 and offers 12 different streams of various combinations, a rare feat for any school in the Middle East. The school began on May 5th, 1959 and has been imparting education to Indians living in Kuwait, completing almost 55 years of operations in the country. Tens of thousands of students have benefitted from the school and today comprise one of the largest alumni in the region.

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